Be a Criminal with Accomplice: London

Ever wanted to walk around London like you were on a secret mission? Own up now, you’ve never been able to walk across Vauxhall Bridge without a cheeky Bond-style side glance! Now you can do just that (and not spend the night in Her Majesty’s cells) with Accomplice: London.

Described as a new interactive ‘show’, you can buy yourself a ticket and accept the challenge alone or book as a group of 10 for a performance on a weekend. A good mixture of theatre, scavenger hunt and criminal activity (but harmless activity) – you’ll get a mysterious phonecall a day or two before the show with information on where to meet. No promise of your phone self-destructing though, sorry.

Think of it as a large-scale murder mystery, a 3D version of Cluedo if you will. Lasting about 2 and a half hours, you’ll be an accomplice to a crime along with actors who look just like passers-by. Based mostly along the South Bank, you’ll also get a few drinks and light appetisers. Being a crim is thirsty work, that’s for sure.

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