The best pizza in Rome at Borgo Nuovo, Vatican City

After eating every type of pizza imaginable at home, you know you’re experiencing something really special when you taste an authentic Italian pizza in Rome. I declared the best pizza in Rome to be at Borgo Nuovo in the Vatican City, and here’s why…

On a short trip to the Vatican, one of the many things I wanted to do was to eat a real Italian pizza. I’d done all the frozen ones, the imperfect homemade ones, the ones in the predictable restaurant chains – real pizza meant finding a cute ristorante pizzeria in the middle of the city and promising to marry it. I picked the margherita, he picked the ham calzone. I fell in love – literally. If you could date a pizza and not lose friends, I’d date this one forever.

best pizza in rome | Blonde in the City

A family run pizzeria just a few steps from St Peter’s, Borgo Nuovo is a place where locals and tourists mix to indulge in a love of one thing – hearty Italian food. My margherita was flawless. The dough was just the right blend of crunchy and airy, allowing the tomato sauce (surely a family recipe) to rest on top and not seep to the bottom. The cheese had been melted with just the right care, not too stringy yet not too flat. The flavours were to die for, making me wish for a bigger stomach in order to eat two, or three, or four of the same pizza in one night.

The atmosphere at Borgo Nuovo added to the great realisation that we’d just eaten the best pizza in Rome. Seated against the window we watched tourists wander past and pop in to view the menu, only to excitedly take a seat seconds later. Being so close to St Peter’s, the restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy dinner after a long walk about the city. Not confined to pizzas, the menu also comprises of traditional pasta dishes with grilled fish and American steaks (not to mention the ice-cream scoops and coffee cakes.)

best pizza in rome | Blonde in the City

Prices start from 7.50 EUR for the mouth-watering margherita pizza.

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