One for me, one for you…donating to a food bank

We can all too often forget that somewhere, someone is having a tough time. It could be in Africa, in Hawaii, in Japan…and even right here in the UK. Everyone needs a little help at some point, whether they’re finding it hard to pay the bills and afford the weekly shopping at the same time, or if they just need a helping hand after losing their jobs.

It’s hard to imagine needing someone to help you out by simply handing over a few tins of food, but there are people living with that exact need. Something so simple can be incredibly helpful. That’s why Food Banks have been set up all over the country to help support those families in need.

All it takes is to put an extra tin of soup or vegetables or an extra loaf of bread in your trolley when you do your weekly/month shop. It seems so small but makes a massive difference to people who really need the help. Imagine being so desperate you couldn’t even afford a pint of milk – who can really say they wouldn’t help someone out when it’s that tough?

Remember at school when everyone would take tins and cans of food in for the Harvest Festival assembly? It’s exactly like that, except now you’re older you can have the decision on where your extra food goes (and you don’t need to get a numb bum or sing hymns). Some banks give to the elderly, some give to families in the poorest areas of the UK and other send to poverty-stricken countries all over the world.

Give to your local bank and you could be helping out families who really need the support. Check where your nearest bank is at one of the many foundations in the UK, including the Trussell Trust, The Global Foodbanking Network or The Milton Keynes Food Bank.

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