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20 reasons to get excited about winter

I always say autumn is my favourite, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s actually winter. Yes it gets cold and yes this year will be my first one as a Northerner, but I just can’t help loving it! Last month I was food shopping, saw a bobble hat in the clothing section and proceeded to get very excited indeed about the impending wintery loveliness. So, here are 20 reasons to get excited about winter.


Thick tights and boots. Despite loving summer dresses and cute sandals way too much, I’ve also got a soft spot for gorgeously thick and soft tights with boots. Team those with a little patterned dress, cropped jumper and circle scarf – you’ve got yourself the perfect winter outfit.


Jumper shopping. High street shops know exactly how to take all my money when it comes to winter clothing. There’s always a classy jumper or cardigan that just needs to go in my basket. Especially if it’s a proper cringeworthy Christmas one!


The Natural History Museum ice rink. It’s seriously not winter until this baby starts handing out the skates.

reasons to get excited about winter | this city life


Getting snuggled up under fluffy jumpers and blankets and bed socks and more jumpers to watch your favourite films with a cuppa in hand. If you’re feeling especially comfy, upgrade that tea to a hot chocolate and you’ve got the perfect wintery night in.


Christmas parties! Once the crappy weather starts, the fun begins.


Cute hot water bottles are the ultimate saviour for those chilly evenings. There’s nothing better than curling up with a teddy water bottle and a book!


The sound of rain tapping on my window as I write posts for this blog makes me feel warm inside. Warms the cockles it does. And sometimes I don’t mind being outside when it rains, just as long as I’m under cover with a hot Ribena in hand.


Snowball fights. The ultimate winter game that makes friends out of strangers. Who can walk past a snowball fight and resist joining in?


Pies. All the pies. In winter, comfort food rules the roost. You can’t eat pies in the summer, it’s just not right.

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Cosy socks. Knitted ones, fluffy ones, knee-high ones, ones with separated toes. Socks are basically winter in a nutshell.


REAL fires. With crackling wood and everything. A cosy winter’s night in isn’t complete without sweating your woolly socks off in front of a log fire. And then getting so bloody hot you end up lying on the floor in just your pants.


Every year I say I need to get a new winter coat. And every year I tell myself I don’t need one. So I get a new one anyway. They’re always in the sale, right? Totally justifiable.


Boozing at Christmas markets is one of my favourite past times. In fact, at the time of writing I’ve already organised to visit two separate markets with two groups of friends. I just love me some mulled wine; not even sorry!


Cuddles. Because there’s always an excuse for plenty of cuddles.


Snowy hills! I loved my winter trip to Bergamo in Italy, snapping pictures of the beautiful Alps. This year I’ll be able to take plenty of photos of a snowy Roundhay Park.

reasons to get excited about winter | this city life


Winter is probably the only time you’ll have an excuse to eat jacket potatoes with beans and cheese for lunch every day for three whole months.


Film nights. There’s something about winter that just screams movies, a mug of tea and a massive bag of Maltesers. Back in the day we’d wrap up in scarves and hats and nip into Blockbuster to rent a ‘video’. Praise Jebus for Netflix.


Christmas drinks. Peppermint hot chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, gingerbread latte…basically anything chocolatey or spicy will have me queuing out the door to get it. Every time those red cups start appearing my peppermint syrup intake increases by around 200%.


Winter signals the end of the year and fresh new beginnings. Just like the leaves that start to sprout in spring, we see winter as a time to shed our old selves and begin the new year with hope and purpose (sorry for the cheesy metaphor).


Escape. It’ll soon be cold enough to escape somewhere warm. Lovely jubbly!

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