2013 travel – the year that wasn’t

Since 2012 was such an incredible year for us travel-wise, I was hoping for the same in 2013. However, it wasn’t meant to be. 2013 travel for us just didn’t take off.

We were pretty lucky last year after winning a long holiday in Aruba, then going on a two-week Trek America tour with a great group of people, and then watching our friends get married in Kos. 2013 wasn’t really going to match it, simply because we were spending the year saving for our wedding, but I was hoping for a long break somewhere sunny. Deciding to try a little closer to home we made plans for a few weekend breaks, possibly exploring Europe by rail or trying out our first cruise.

But I got made redundant in January, which scuppered our 2013 travel plans once and for all. It almost screwed up our wedding plans too, but in order to keep that running as planned we had to forego any idea of a nice long holiday this year.

I can’t complain too much. We did manage to enjoy a 4 day break in Barcelona. But compared to last year’s success, 2013 travel just didn’t cut it.

It sounds quite selfish considering the actual suffering many people go through daily. The fact I couldn’t have a two-week holiday is nothing when people are without food, shelter or a living income. But the few days we did have in Barcelona were a welcome break from seeing the same places every day for the whole year. And since we’re getting married in April, here’s to some exciting honeymoon planning in 2014.

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