Something’s a little different around here…

I did something really sneaky this week. You might have already noticed what it was, but if you haven’t, peek at the url of this site again and it’ll all become clear.

Yep. Blonde in the City is now retired, and This City Life has popped up to replace her.

this city life

Why the change? Well, I’ve not been blonde for quite a while now (pink hair don’t care since 2012). And I felt the name was a little aged. I’ve been blogging under the guise of Blonde in the City since 2006, when it was all about how I felt leaving home and moving to this strange new thing – a city.

Now I’ve grown up, got married and see the world in a totally new way. And I wanted this blog to reflect that. All the content will stay the same, and I’ll still be exploring as many cities as I can fit into my holiday allowance!

So, here’s to This City Life and all the fun it brings.

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