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Exploring a new tarn – Malham Cove

I did a Scary Thing last weekend. I drove a car.

It doesn’t sound very scary, but really it was a big deal. I don’t enjoy driving, especially when I don’t know where I’m going. All those lanes and no idea whether I’m supposed to bear left or right or carry on and…oh crap, I missed the turning.

You’ve got to look out for cyclists, look out for cars beside you, look out for emergency services, look out for the speed limit, look out for people crossing, look out for signposts. The list for ‘looking’ is endless and it truly sets my anxieties on edge.

When I drive, the list of ‘what if’s gets longer and longer, and all the more uncontrollable.

So the fact that last weekend I drove a car I’ve never driven before, on roads I’ve never been on, to a place I’ve never been to, has left me feeling pretty damn proud of myself.

And it meant me and my husband got to have a day away from the city, exploring the beautiful village of Malham in Yorkshire. He took his drone, I took my camera and we filmed a little trip to the top of Malham Cove.

Have a little watch of our mini film (crank it to HD to see the full effect of the drone shots) to see what we got up to.

If you’re ever in Yorkshire, make the trip to Malham. It’s so bloody beautiful, and you’ll probably recognise the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows filming location!

malham cove | this city life

visiting malham cove | this city life

simon at malham | this city life

limestone malham cove | this city life

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malham cove | this city life

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