A playlist for Las Vegas

A playlist for Las Vegas

Do you listen to songs and immediately get transported to a time in your life, or a place that means something to you? Music and memory has an amazingly strong link. I’ve made a playlist for Las Vegas, packed with songs that remind me of my short but sweet trip there on a Trek America tour in 2012.


A playlist for Las Vegas: some personal highlights

We Found Love, Rihanna and Calvin Harris – we celebrated getting engaged at the Grand Canyon with a grand party in Sin City!

We Are The Champions, Queen – this was the theme on Freemont Street during our stay. The awesomeness of Queen.

Waking Up In Vegas, Katy Perry – this is a song I just couldn’t stop singing the entire time we were there. I’m sure it got really boring really fast!

A playlist for Las Vegas is part of a new series on This City Life – curated playlists about the songs that remind me of my favourite cities. Look out for next month’s: Berlin.

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