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A playlist for London

Do you listen to songs and immediately get transported to a time in your life, or a place that means something to you? It happens for me quite a lot. Music and memory has an amazingly strong link, and I’m fascinated by how a single bar of a song can spark up a memory that means a lot. So, I’ve made a playlist for London – all the songs that remind me of my time living there and those classic tracks everyone associates with the city.


A playlist for London: some personal highlights

Gin and Juice, The Gourds – the song we accidentally had our first dance to at our wedding, oops!

Heroes, David Bowie – the song of the Olympics, which was such an incredible time for London

Killing in the Name, Rage Against the Machine – remember the campaign to knock X-Factor off the Christmas #1 spot? We bagged tickets to the live gig RATM put on in honour of their chart win

A playlist for London is part of a new series on This City Life – curated playlists about the songs that remind me of my favourite cities. Look out for next month’s: Las Vegas.

Charley is a professional copywriter and tea-lover currently living in Leeds. She writes about city living and city travel (with a few cats thrown in).