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A Very British Exit

I’m at a loss what to say about the EU Referendum really. It’s been a tough, and at times frankly disgraceful, few months. Now it’s all done, I don’t feel it’s got any better at all.

But there’s one thing I’ll say for sure – travel has taught me through the years of visiting city after city, country after country, that at the end of it – we’re all one and the same.


The American couple who saved us walking three miles back to our hotel in 40 degree heat.

The Sri Lankan driver who touched his rosary before every sharp corner.

The Belgians, Australians and Koreans we shared the moment of our engagement with.

The tour guide who went to Aruba on holiday 24 years ago and never left.

The French architect studying in Germany and renting his flat to us in Slovakia.


You know, you can learn a lot about yourself simply by listening to other people.

Spending time with them, hearing their stories and learning about their lives taught me that exploring the world brings much more tolerance into your thinking.

And every stranger I’ve met abroad has had an impact on me one way or another.

Whatever happens in the coming months and years, we still need to explore. We still need to welcome. And we still need to listen.

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