A Bergamo weekend break

February saw some really exciting trips for me – all about my friends! Now, I usually swan off on these city breaks with my husband, but since he’s spent a few years going away with his mates to cool places like Florida and SXSW, I figured why don’t I do the same and take some time out with the girls? So me and Faye booked a trip to Bergamo, Milan, to stay with our friend Katherine! After a bumpy start with my anxieties, I found my footing and had a brilliant time exploring the gorgeous city in the snow. So, what did we get up to on our Bergamo weekend break?

Sightseeing and a shock Sephora

I got a mighty shock when Katherine took us for a spot of shopping in Bergamo – they have a SEPHORA! I figured since it’s a pretty big store in Paris and Barcelona that they would only feature in major European cities, but no. I literally shrieked when I saw it, causing Faye and Katherine to think I’d hurt myself or dropped something. Sorry ladies! The more independent shops in Bergamo are so traditionally cute and quirky – and they still close for siesta every day.

bergamo | this city life

bergamo weekend break | this city life

On our last day, we walked up to Bergamo old town (Città Alta) for a bit of sightseeing. And when I say up, I mean up! It had been snowing the day before we arrived so the whole town was covered in a beautiful blanket of white. It looked beautiful! Bergamo itself is nestled right under The Alps, so we managed to get some stunning pictures of the mountains from the top of the Torre Civica (Civic Tower).

bergamo | this city life

bergamo weekend break | this city life

We stopped off for some pizza (of course) and paid the equivalent of £2.50 for a fresh slice, neatly cut into bite sized chunks. It was so nice, and so cheap! A quick browse of the trinket shops and a stop in the church later, it was so cold we decided to get the funicular back down to the new town for another wander.

pizza in bergamo | this city life

Food, wonderful Italian food

As soon as we landed, me and Faye started talking about the pizza situation. We’re both obsessed with pizza, so getting the chance to eat authentic Italian pizza was almost too much to handle! Katherine and Joe took us to their favourite restaurant, Trattoria Caprese, for dinner (and ordered in perfect Italian no less!) It was so delicious. I couldn’t finish my huge margarita so they let me take it home, and it was just as yummy cold! It’s all about the food in Italy and Katherine was so excited to show us her favourite places.

aperitivo bergamo | this city life

We had our first Aperitivo in Italy too. I’ve tried a version at the Baglioni Hotel in London, but the real Italian version is something else! I paid €5 for a peach Bellini the size of my head and tucked into some delicious pasta and salads for free. I’ve you’ve never heard of Aperitivo before, it’s a kind of pre-dinner event in Italy where you pay for drinks for eat as much food as you like from the buffet at the bar.

The Italians do food really well, so as soon as Katherine’s favourite dishes appeared at the bar she was over there with a plate like a rocket! Aperitivo is my favourite way to eat – a big drink of something bubbly and plenty of nibbles to keep you going. We went to Vox Bar for Aperitivo before moving on for pizza, and the next day headed to A.I. Giardini for Katherine’s favourite dishes. I could really have gotten used to that…

friends in bergamo | this city life

bergamo old town | this city life

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  1. 18th March 2015 / 10:24 am

    I really want to go to Milan! Really just everywhere in Italy, I love it so much. Apertivo is the best, boozy snack time, what’s not to love?