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Review: Bianco Latte Milano

On my recent trip to stay in Bergamo with friends, we took the train to Milan for a day of sightseeing. I’d never been to Milan before and wasn’t really sure what to do there, but Katherine recommended a cute café close to the train station for some lunch – Bianco Latte. The name literally means ‘white milk’, and the place is super cute and super popular! We queued for about 20 mins to get in, but it was so worth it. Here’s my Bianco Latte Milano review.

First impressions

‘Ice cream!’ ‘Oooh, choc chip cookies’ ‘WOAH, so much gelato!’

Bianco Latte is a dessert-lover’s dream. When you first walk in the place you’re faced with rows of delicious ice-cream and some drool-worthy cookies, so the thought of having a ‘proper’ lunch completely escapes you! You have to queue right next to said treats to get a seat in in the café too – so the 20 min wait we had was almost torturous! We kept watching the staff appear with trays of hot chocolate and pancakes with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Argh!

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The queuing thing was a bit confusing as people kept walking up to the front and putting their name on a list, but no-one approached us when we got close to the front to ask how many there were of us – which was why we ended up waiting so long! Katherine enquired in perfect Italian and the waitress bumped us up the list for our wait. So there’s a little tip – pop to the front of the queue and tell the head waitress your name to make sure you’re actually on the waiting list. An odd way to do things, but it must work.

Being ‘good’ with a fruit salad

I don’t know what it was, but after seeing all the pancakes, gelato and general chocolate madness – all I wanted after spotting it on the menu was a fresh fruit salad. Maybe you can take in calories by just looking at desserts?! My salad did come with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for good measure, so it wasn’t completely healthy, but it sure was delicious. Katherine opted for a chicken salad, which me and Faye got a bit of food envy over when it arrived. Everything looked super fresh – and I wouldn’t expect anything less in Italy. See how delicious it is?!

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Later on in the day I was really craving a chocolate crêpe though, so we did end up grabbing a few snacks in the local shop.

Cute and cool café

With a name like Bianco Latte, it’s not surprising that the décor is very light and fresh. It looks like a modern kitchen/lounge with a vintage feel, and has the relaxing vibe to go with it.

Despite the queue, I never felt like we were being rushed to finish and move on – something which happens a lot in London for popular cafés. It’s bright, it’s buzzing and so expressive – just like the Italians! There were a lot of families having a nice lunch together around us, but the space is big enough to not feel fenced in by other diners. And everyone looked like they were having a great time, which makes the atmosphere so much more enjoyable! Next time I find myself in Milan, I’ll definitely pop in for a crêpe (or two.)

Have you ever been to Bianco Latte? What did you think? Tell me in the comments below!

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