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Blog your backyard – best ways to work, play and stay in the UK

Blog your backyard - (c) Simon Wicks 2011
(c) Simon Wicks 2011

Thinking about staying in the UK a while? Good choice, you’ll soon be as obsessed with daytime TV, bingo websites, and keeping the ketchup in the cupboard as much as the rest of us.



Finding work in the UK hasn’t always had the best track record. If you hold an EU passport however, it may be a little easier as you’ll bypass those detailed visa specifications. If not, the easiest way if you’re already employed where you are is to look into your company transferring you to a UK location, or sponsoring you to work abroad.

The UK Border Agency places potential workers into 4 categories – High-value Migrants (investors, entrepreneurs, recent UK university grads), Skilled workers, Temporary workers and Other categories (domestic workers, representative of an overseas company). Then within those categories is a points-based system of tiers. The more points you have the higher up in the tiers you will be, the higher up in the tiers you are the most likely you’ll be given a visa. If you’re in the high-value category, you’re probably not going to have a problem.

If you’re still up for studying, the Mountbatten Institute offers year-long placements in London for an MBA or PGC in International Business Practice, with Asia as your finishing school.



We Brits know how to party, even if we don’t look it. The North of the country is known to be friendlier, so make sure you spend time in Newcastle getting a taste of the nightlife as well as the bread buns from Greggs. Get down to some serious shopping along Regent Street and Oxford Street in London, and don’t miss out on the experience of a real West End show. See the real countryside in a visit to Carmarthen in Wales, and explore as many castles as you can in Scotland (there’s quite a few, so best to make an itinerary).



You’ve decided to really make the UK your home for a while? Good on you! If you’ve not already picked out a suitable man/woman to marry your way into the joint, you might want to spend a few hours checking your ancestry in case your grandparents were UK Nationals. No good? Then it’s a good idea to get a professional to sort out your visa. A quick google brings up several immigration companies that sort everything out for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. They’ll help you apply for your visa, find work, move all of your belongings and even locate a new home. All you need to fret about is what outfit to arrive in…best go with a couple of layers.



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