Blog your backyard – dos and don’t’s in the United Kingdom

Blog your backyard – dos and don’t’s in the United Kingdom

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Information overload can often tire a traveller out before they’ve even arrived, and other times there’s just not enough stuff out there to get a feel of where you’re going. Stick with these dos and don’t’s for the United Kingdom and you’ll be just peachy.

DO step out of London

Whilst the capital city draws over 20 million visitors a year, it’s not always the best way to get a feel of the UK. Remember there are bright lights and big cities all over the country. There’s plenty to see and do all over the place, especially if you can fit in a visit to each country (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). I’d recommend seeing the thrills of Northern England – particularly Leeds and Newcastle for the sort who enjoy a Great British pub or club night. Try and see as many corners of the country as you can – after all, you wouldn’t go into a Pizza Hut and immediately order a lasagne would you? Oh, you can? Well, that’s interesting…

DO drink a real cuppa

Don’t mix a good tea with the likes of ASDA’s own brand or even PG Tips. To experience a real English cuppa, you’ll have to go as far as Tolverne in Cornwall. That’s where tea leaves have grown for the last 200 years, and are still growing now. What better way to enjoy a cuppa than to be sitting on a quiet bay with a couple of scones, overlooking the exact country estate the leaves were plucked from? Thank me later.

DON’T morris dance

I know they look charming, I know you might look amazing in head-to-toe white cable-knit – but if you’ve an ounce of street cred left you’ll save it for anything but morris dancing. If you’ve not ironed your handkerchiefs you won’t be allowed in anyway…

DON’T forget your brolly

It rains. All the time. Neverending. Well, not all the time – but a lot. I think the weather forecasters in the UK have a pretty easy job (given that it rains for the majority of the year) but if you’re really caught short without your umbrella and end up getting washed down the streets, you’ve got that brilliant British cold to look forward to. And, now that we no longer have repeat after repeat of Friends on the tellybox, even lying on your sickbed isn’t very fun. The moral of the story is, be superhuman.

DO try a festival

The UK has some of the best festivals around and we’re a really friendly bunch so you’ll be sure to make a friend or twenty. I recommend getting in on the Glastonbury scene and exploring the arts as well as the music, or grab a ticket to Reading/Leeds Festivals and make a bet on how long you go without buying a comedy hat from the stalls. If you’re lucky enough to be near Edinburgh at the right time, pop in for the Comedy Festival and see some of the top comedians doing what they do best.

DON’T make the UK your Europe

It’s really small, and Europe is really rather big. With flights to Berlin and Rome being as little as 2 hours long, the UK is a terrific gateway to seeing the best of the continent. Don’t forget the Eurostar will also get you to Paris in no time at all too, making it so easy for you to discover more.



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