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Blog your backyard – the best and worst of the UK

Blog your backyard (c) Simon Wicks 2011
(c) Simon Wicks 2011

Every country has it pros and cons; some more important than others. Without getting too heavy and preaching about the state of the government, the bailouts of the banks, or that there are no shops open after 9pm on a Sunday – here are my best and worst things about the UK.


Gorgeous coastal views

Okay, our beaches might not be the golden sands and bright blue waters of Barbados, but when the weather’s really good the coastal views are pretty stunning. On a clear day, get a load of Lands End and feel like your’e stepping off the end of the Earth. Devon and Cornwall are also beautiful when the sun is shining, so make sure you pick up a traditional Cornish ice-cream whilst you’re basking in the sands. Tenby Dyfed in Wales is popular for watersports – including windsurfing, canoeing, surfing and boating.

Weekends and Bank Holidays are sacred

We live for the weekend and live even more for that 4 day working week without having to use holiday dates every now and then. If there’s something going on, it’ll be on the weekend. It’s when we take the time to relax in front of the TV in our pyjamas and answer the door to the postman in nothing but a bath towel, when we nip out over the road for a bug bar of chocolate and the Sunday papers, and when we go to the shopping centre for a browse when we know it’ll be too busy to move but we never learn. We also love it when there’s a royal wedding to give us an extra bank holiday – thanks Wills and Kate.


The terrible transport system

I do a lot of moaning about the tubes in London, enough to earn me a gold medal should there be an Olympic sport in TfL-bashing. We were the first place to have an underground transport system, which served us well in the Second World War, but it also means other people have learnt from our mistakes and built better systems than us. Our tubes are stuffy, small, too far underground and hugely expensive. If you’re confident enough to ride a bike around the capital, do that instead. It’s no fun having to pay for suffocation.

The unpredictable weather

Whatever season it is, I’m guaranteed to have a runny nose. The UK may be the only country in the world where its inhabitants have a constant cold during the winter months and a conundrum with hayfever in the summer months. The weather never can make its mind up, so lucky for us we’ve never had to deal with a high pollen count in the middle of a snowstorm. How much are shares in Kleenex these days?




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Charley is a professional copywriter and tea-lover currently living in Leeds. She writes about city living and city travel (with a few cats thrown in).