Borough Market celebrates Apple Day with the ‘Real Apple Store’

This is such a clever little stunt I just had to post about it! Apparently, Apple Day is celebrated every October in the UK, though I’ve never heard of it before. And this year the beautiful Borough Market in London celebrated its 1,000 year anniversary too. So how would you combine those two occasions?

A real apple store of course!

real apple store 2

The Real Apple Store opens in London from on Vimeo.

Parodying Apple’s clean, white stores with wooden tables plastic displays, The Real Apple Store showcased some of the finest apples available at Borough Market – including the hilariously-named ‘Knobby Russet’.

real apple store 3

Isn’t it such a great idea? The execution is brilliant too – even mimicking the open brick walls you sometimes see in the European Apple stores. You can bet these apples are much cheaper than their techy counterparts.

celebrate borough

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  1. Angharad
    8th December 2014 / 8:42 pm

    The Knobby Russet looks great!

    When I first heard that the actual Apple Store was opening in Covent Garden (and replacing the Gardening Club, boo) I imagined a shop full of Pink Ladies, Granny Smiths and Bramleys. Felt like such a prat when I realised what it actually was!