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  • how to survive a hen do as an introvert
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    How to survive a hen do as an introvert

    We introverts sometimes get a bad rep. Our introversion often gets confused with shyness, which gets mistaken for rudeness or being ‘stuck up’. Really they aren’t mutually exclusive, but neither of them are useful at social events. With introversion, it makes being social difficult because being around other people in quite stimulating environments can feel draining. I’m not kidding though – I can leave a night out feeling exhausted because I’ve spoken to three people in a loud, packed room. And large groups can strike fear in any introvert’s heart, so a hen weekend can feel like total overload. I even felt tired at my own hen do, which makes…

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    How to do Santorini on a budget

    Santorini has been on my wish list for years, but it’s one of those places where I’ve thought you needed to save for months on end to get there. How wrong was I? Uhh, very wrong. Lola from Leeds Love Affair shares her brilliant tips for a trip to Santorini on a budget. Ah Santorini, billed as one of the most beautiful places in the world and renowned for those whitewashed village views over the cliffs of a fascinating volcano. So many people I know have said they’d love to go but can’t afford the hefty price tag. Besieged by billionaires and tour groups alike, this jewel in the Greek…

  • how to travel with anxiety | this city life
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    How to travel with anxiety

    When people say they love flying, I have to wonder why. What’s so fun about suspending yourself in the middle of the sky in what’s essentially a soup tin wired to a lot of electricity? And when they say the idea of going on an adventure makes them really excited, again I wonder – how? See, the ‘unknown’ to me is scary AF. I travel with anxiety – and a whole heap of it. If I don’t know what’s going to happen, or I’m pushed out there into sponteneity, my anxiety rears its fugly head. I’m the kind of ‘unknown’ hater who, when driving somewhere new for the first time,…

  • coffee italy | this city life
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    How NOT to order coffee (and avoid annoying the Italians)

    If a Wicks goes on holiday and doesn’t end up in some sort of kerfuffle, is the Wicks really on holiday? It doesn’t matter where we go, there’s always something lost in translation. It ranges from the absurd (getting evicted from an apartment in New York because the owner skipped rent), to the brilliantly confusing (ordering a glass of Mountain Dew and being served a pint of milk – in America). I like to take a phrasebook away with us when we’re not familiar with the language. So when we were in Rome for a long weekend, we used it for absolutely everything. The only Italian I knew was ‘grazie’…

  • before you travel | this city life
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    How to get your shit together before you travel

    I love being organised. I’ve watched too many of those Departures programmes where people have turned up late to flights or without their passports to not make sure everything’s in order. We also learnt from one very stressful sprint through Heathrow airport on the way to Glasgow that ‘final call’ actually means ‘gate now open’. A potential heart attack in the middle of the check-in queue? Ain’t nobody got time for that. So here are my top tips on getting your shit together before you travel. Write a checklist – seriously Checklists really are handy, especially when you need to pack items you’ll be using before you leave the house…