Slow living

Slow living is the concept of taking a slower approach to life and doing things well rather than fast. No hustle, no race to the top, no cutting corners. Slow living is all about placing more meaning and emphasis on what we do, being more conscious about our choices, and celebrating real connections with the people around us.

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    Exploring Yorkshire – A day trip to Whitby

    Since our trip to Malham Cove a couple of months ago, we’ve been thinking of more day trips to discover more of Yorkshire. One of those was a day trip to Whitby – a little seaside town famed for being the setting of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. We had a great plan – hire a car, drive through the North Yorkshire Moors and vlog our day on the beach. The week before had been glorious sunshine but as Monday rolled around, the rain and fog started to descend. Oops. By accident we’d picked the entirely wrong week to visit the beach. And it ended up being completely enrobed in fog for…

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    Exploring a new tarn – Malham Cove

    I did a Scary Thing last weekend. I drove a car. It doesn’t sound very scary, but really it was a big deal. I don’t enjoy driving, especially when I don’t know where I’m going. All those lanes and no idea whether I’m supposed to bear left or right or carry on and…oh crap, I missed the turning. You’ve got to look out for cyclists, look out for cars beside you, look out for emergency services, look out for the speed limit, look out for people crossing, look out for signposts. The list for ‘looking’ is endless and it truly sets my anxieties on edge. When I drive, the list…

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    One day in Yosemite

    As part of our Trek America adventure from Los Angeles to San Francisco (more on that later) we spent a whole day exploring Yosemite National Park in California. All it took was one day in Yosemite to fall in love with the nature of America. Now, I know this is a city blog but Yosemite is so big and beautiful, I can’t not tell you how amazing our time was there. After travelling for so long from Vegas (and recovering from all the partying) we were so glad to spend some time away from the noise and, as cheesy as it sounds, be close to nature. That’s right, we hugged…

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    Learning to take it easy

    Relax…relax. No, don’t charge some internet to your card, just..relax. This is what I’ve had to keep telling myself since we arrived on Aruba. I’m a city-centred type of traveller. I like to keep a tight itinerary, fitting in as many sights and tours as I can, as if this particular time would be my only chance to see what’s in front of me. So after winning a competition with KLM Air France for two weeks on the happiest island in the world, here I am trying to just empty my mind and enjoy relaxation in its purest form. I’m pretty good at being able to do nothing, just come…