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Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive. Learn how to make the most of a budget, whether large or small, with these budget travel tips and recommendations.

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    How to do Santorini on a budget

    Santorini has been on my wish list for years, but it’s one of those places where I’ve thought you needed to save for months on end to get there. How wrong was I? Uhh, very wrong. Lola from Leeds Love Affair shares her brilliant tips for a trip to Santorini on a budget. Ah Santorini, billed as one of the most beautiful places in the world and renowned for those whitewashed village views over the cliffs of a fascinating volcano. So many people I know have said they’d love to go but can’t afford the hefty price tag. Besieged by billionaires and tour groups alike, this jewel in the Greek…

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    Free things to do in Berlin

    I spent 4 days in Berlin, but it only took a couple of hours to fall in love with the city. Hopefully I’ll get to go back soon and finish my extensive list of things to do! We did manage to cram a lot in though so here are our recommendations for free things to do in Berlin. Awe at the architecture of Museum Island I wasn’t sure what to expect from Museum Island but it’s pretty much what it says it is! We wandered all the way across Unter den Linden and realised we were actually stood on the island right there. Have a wander around the outside of…

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    Ryanair review: My first Ryanair flight

    As the flight comparison website finally decided what would be our fate, jumbling airline after airline, we were met with doom. Ryanair. The only available flight to Kos on the day we needed. Our hands were tied. I’d never flown Ryanair before. I’d never even been on their website. But since our dates were not, for the first time, flexible at all we had no choice. Ryanair it was. I immediately decided that this was something I’d have to write about – a Ryanair review.

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    Cheap London: Top 5 ways to enjoy a cheap and cheerful London

    The first thing you think about London is how flippin’ expensive it can get, and it’s not about to get any cheaper. Combat the traditional tourist traps with these great ways of enjoying a cheap London and still seeing the real city. 1) Make your own walking tours Tube fares can be costly, even day tickets end up being hassle when you’re visiting for longer than a day, so cut out those long and sweaty underground journeys and get some fresh air whilst taking in the sights of the city. Jot down the routes tourist buses take and go past landmarks via some free museums. Everything is within walking distance…