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Cats of the world: fur friends I’ve met on the road

If you know me or my husband in real life, you know that we absolutely adore cats. We have two little (well, pretty fat but still little to us) fur babies and we can’t imagine life without them. So when we travel, it breaks our hearts to leave them behind. Almost everywhere we go, we meet other kitties along the way that remind us of our girls at home. Here are a few of our new fur friends from across the globe. Cats of the world, we heart you!

Sleepy cats of Kos

It was boiling hot for the 2 days we were on Kos for our friends’ wedding, so most of the cats we came across were having a little snooze in the shade. It’s kinda what we wanted to do in the heat too! These kitties were so cute and didn’t mind people walking around them, taking photos and stroking their tails.

kos cat | this city life

kos cat | this city life

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Snoozy kitten in Sri Lanka

There’s a bit of a pattern when it comes to meeting furballs on holiday – they’re almost always asleep! I think that’s why cats are my spirit animal, because I too would snooze for most of the day. This cutie was just having a rest on the steps of the Dambulla cave temple, not minding all the Buddhists on Poya making their way into the temple. I’m surprised no-one stepped on the poor thing, she was so tiny!

cats of the world | this city life

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Lucky cats on my wedding day

I felt like my wedding day was extra lucky when we stumbled across not one but two cats during our photoshoot. I spied a tabby on my way to the registry office and just had to stop for a quick tickle, and then later a sweet little black cat walked across our feet in Shoreditch, wanting to be the star of the shoot. And we let him be for a little bit!

wedding cat | this city life

wedding cat | this city life

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Kittens of Marrakech’s souks

There are so many cats wandering around the souks in Marrakech it’s both cute and heartbreaking. You know most of them are stray and probably suffering from all sorts of diseases and ailments, but some of them looked perfectly healthy and happy to pose for a picture or two.

marrakech cat | this city life

marrakech cat | this city life

Cuties in the gardens of Sintra

Portugal was also home of many a stray fluffball. In Sintra, we came across 6 or 7 being playful in the grounds of Pena National Palace. Soooo cuuuute!

sintra cat | this city life

lisbon cat | this city life

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Wilhelmina kitten at Vil Uyana

During our honeymoon stay at Jetwing’s Vil Uyana in Sri Lanka, we had a romantic 3-course dinner by the pool one night. It was so relaxing, the food was delicious and the service even more brilliant. But the extra special treat was having a teeny little cat as a dinner guest! This small bundle of fur hung around our table (it’s a pretty bad photo as she wouldn’t sit still for long), rubbing up our legs and sitting by our chairs, waiting to be tickled and fed some leftovers. She even jumped on the table at one point to get a closer look at the bread basket! We loved her so much we named her Wilhelmina and let her sit on our laps for dessert. We miss you Wilhelmina!

sri lanka cat | this city life

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Have you met any cats on your travels? Tell me in the comments!

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