A day trip from Bratislava to Vienna

A day trip from Bratislava to Vienna

The beginning of May brought an unexpected and very last minute trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. Me and colleague went to work in-house with a client for two weeks, which turned out to be one of the most interesting working experiences I think we’d both ever had.

Of course the two weeks were full of actual work, which meant we didn’t get to see an awful lot of Bratislava. BUT, to make sure we were getting a break between all the tasks we took a day trip from Bratislava to Vienna on the weekend.

Excitingly, one of the ways to travel between the countries is by catamaran on the Danube river. It’s a little more expensive than the train or bus, but you definitely get the most incredible views as you sail from Bratislava to Vienna.

It was such a good day, I had a go at vlogging our trip!

Have a watch and see for yourself how nice it is.

please note: some header images are from unsplash.com


  1. Keri | Ladies what travel
    31st May 2016 / 5:40 pm

    Love your cat outro! ;)