Dear TfL…

Dear TfL…

Usually when I talk about TfL I’m in the middle of a four-letter rant about Bakerloo delays, queueing outside Oxford Circus for 20 mins or that it costs me more for a weekly travelcard than it does for a monthly food shop (aaaand breathe…). But this time, I’m not moaning. I’m being nice. It does happen once in a blue moon.

My usual journey takes me into Marylebone on a Chiltern train, then onto the Bakerloo until Oxford Circus. Normally it’s pretty boring – no one looks up, no one cracks a smile, no one dares crack a fart on some mornings. Every now and then there’ll be a certain driver who never fails to make everyone in the carriage laugh, no matter how bloody miserable they look. I’ve no idea who she is, what her name is, what she looks like – but she deserves some sort of thanks and recognition for being (plain and simple) a hoot.

She’s an Irish lady who loves to let us know what she’s having for breakfast, how many seconds it took us to alight before setting off and how we can improve that performance at the next station. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had a shit morning, there’s no way you can’t crack a smile when this lady is your driver (especially when she lets you know there is beans on toast waiting for her at home, so can we please take less that 7 seconds at the next station).

I actually look forward to my journey when I know she’s in charge and love to see so many people smile when they hear what weird stuff she’s muttering over the tannoy. She once told us to please step out onto the platform to make room for people getting off, promising she wouldn’t leave without anyone who did so. After no-one did, she proceeded to tell the train “tsk, no-one trusts me, aha!”. Cue huge bellows of laughter from those in my carriage and ACTUAL EYE CONTACT. Can you believe it? 9.15am in Central London and people were looking at each other IN THE EYES.

See, she’s not just doing her job. She’s making a difference as well. What would normally be a tedious journey staring into armpits or yawning mouths and wondering if people actually make the effort to wash the city stink off them every day, is nothing but smiles when it’s her train. This lady actually makes me start the day feeling positive, which is no mean feat when you’re a Scorpio with a result of 105% in neuroticism tests.

TfL must get hounded with emails about shit services, amongst other things, but I’m going to send them this blog in the hope that they let this lady know how much of a difference she makes my journeys. Has anyone else experienced the nutty Irish tube driver on the Bakerloo? Let yourselves be known in the comments!

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  1. Boosboss
    4th May 2011 / 12:43 am

    That mad Irish driver has recently joined Twitter! Follow her @CrazyBiddy
    Mention her and she’ll respond right back, once she’s off her train that is!