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Dinner in bed at The Screaming Eagle, Aruba

We weren’t sure about the name when we first heard it – The Screaming Eagle. It didn’t sound very relaxing, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Celebrating our 5th anniversary as a couple, we decided something special was in order, and having dinner while relaxing on a king-size bed sounded like a real treat. And since eating in bed is one of my favourite things to do and I’m banned from doing it at home, I was glad for some guilt-free dinner in bed in Aruba.

screaming eagle | this city life

image from screaming-eagle.net

The dining experience

dinner in bed screaming eagle | this city life

There are normal dining tables at The Screaming Eagle, but if you’re going to go all the way to Aruba it’s worth splashing out on a meal in one of their beds! Adorned with crisp, white sheets, soft pillows and beautiful linen drapes, their four-poster beds fell like a private haven. You can’t see your fellow diners, but you can hear their satisfied chatter from adjoining beds.

We were shown to our bed and immediately kicked off our shoes and climbed into our comfy sanctuary for the next couple of hours. Once we were settled under our lap trays, our waitress listed the specials and asked us if we were celebrating anything special, then tucked in the curtains as she left to give us complete privacy. As we waited for our main course to arrive, we took photos and giggled at how naughty it felt to be eating a meal in bed!

dinner in bed | this city life

screaming eagle menu | this city life

The atmosphere is quite romantic, with soft lighting and gentle music (and the beds – but not too romantic!), and the waitresses feel a lot like they’re there to wait on you hand and foot! The great thing about the beds is that the memory foam mattresses mean that you or your dinner won’t be rolling about if your parter moves. That means no spillages, less crumbs and more of a good time.

The food

You expect small portions when you visit a higher price restaurant, but The Screaming Eagle is a refreshing exception to that strange rule. We enjoyed three delicious courses, each one beautifully presented and filling the plate.

dinner in bed aruba | this city life

food at screaming eagle | this city life

Tucking into a starter of tomato gazpacho, a main of asparagus in sweet bread, and a dessert of banana fritters with ice-cream, we had the most indulgent meal of our lives! It felt a little bit like a monumental Roman feast, but thankfully we didn’t end the night with nausea. It was too delicious.

As we were celebrating our anniversary, they surprised us with a slice of chocolate cake and a sparkler, which was such a lovely gesture!

anniversary cake | this city life

After the cake, we were definitely too full to eat another bite, but were so pleased with such a great night out at a truly special restaurant. I’ve not been able to replicate the dinner in bed experience at home unfortunately, but that’s probably a good thing!

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