Exploring Lush Leeds Spa with #leedsbloggers

Exploring Lush Leeds Spa with #leedsbloggers

I did a Scary Thing this week. I went to an event and met some fellow bloggers in Leeds. And I talked, and shared jokes, and laughed. And nothing bad happened. I had an amazing time. Suck on that anxiety!

The event was in Leeds, where they’ve got a beautiful Lush Leeds Spa. Me and a whole bunch of brilliant bloggers got a tour of the treatment rooms, made our own little bath bomb and got to sample a load of gorgeous products from the shop’s winter range.

lush leeds spa | this city life

Until this week, I didn’t know Lush Leeds even had a spa. When you think of city breaks, you usually think of museums and art galleries, beach trips and restaurants. But a bit of pampering is a great idea if you find yourself visiting a city with a spa. You can indulge in some shopping, have a wander around historical sites, and then chill out with a massage at a Lush – perfect. Now that I know the spa in Leeds is around, I’ll definitely be booking in for a treatment (or two).

A spa that looks like a kitchen

In true Lush fashion, things aren’t ‘the norm’. Lush Leeds Spa is decked out like a kitchen and has a really homely vibe, making it one of the most comfortable spas I’ve ever been in. I joked that I’d like the entire spa in my own house exactly as it is, but really it’s the truth ;)

lush leeds | this city life

lush leeds spa | this city life

The treatment rooms are super cosy and warm and there are little trinkets all across the shelves, presumably filled to the brim with magical Lushy potions. Our tour guide told us all about the top treatments on the Lush Leeds Spa menu and we got to see a massage demo for ‘Hard Day’s Night’. That treat includes wearing a comfy pair of pjs and listening to relaxing covers of Beatles songs. Where do I sign up again?!

lush hard day's night massage | this city life

Favourites from the winter range

Before I headed back home, I had to have a little shop and stock up on my favourite Lush product – Snow Fairy. I figured it had been a good month, so treated myself to a Don’t Look At Me face mask and Mint Julips lip scrub, and picked up a Lush Pud bath bomb for the husband.

lush face masks | this city life

lush don't look at me face mask | this city life

lush experimenter | this city life

My prize for the product that got the most ‘oh wow!’s from me was The Experimenter bath bomb, which fizzed and crackled and glittered all over the place when a lovely Lushie popped it in the demo water. It’s got glitter and popping candy in it!

Next time you find yourself near a Lush on a city break, pop in and see if they have any treatment times spare. And if you don’t manage to get one, definitely nab yourself a bath bomb and give the spa experience a go in your hotel.

Ever been to a Lush Spa? Tell me your experiences in the comments!

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  1. 10th December 2015 / 4:26 pm

    I’m a lush junkee, every time anyone asks me what I want for Christmas it’s always bath bombs. I also love their ultra bland cleanser and facemasks. Basically I should work there so I can get a discount haha