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For the love of blogging

As I write this I’m sat on my sofa in my unicorn pjs, watching Friends reruns and nursing a large mug of Yorkshire Tea. It took me a while to figure out what to say for this month’s travel link-up with the lovely ladies of travel blogging, but only because I’ve spent the last couple of months wondering where my blog is really going.

I think half of my muddle is the fact we haven’t really travelled since our honeymoon in Sri Lanka almost a year ago. We spent all of our time since then making plans to leave London, getting the train to Leeds almost every weekend to scope out areas, attend job interviews and view places to live.

I’ve spent the last five months focusing all my efforts and energy on my new job, which has meant This City Life has taken a bit of a back seat while I got comfortable in this new environment. It also means I’ve had to turn down or cancel some blogger events. If it wasn’t for the love of blogging, I’d have all but given up a long time ago. But it’s because I do love blogging and telling people all about our adventures that I’ve squirrelled away at a new blog design and started making plans to take more city breaks throughout next year.

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Addicted to: comparison

One of the hardest things about blogging is the comparison demon chattering its way at the back of my head. I only have to scroll Instagram or flick through Feedly to wonder how people manage to hold down a day job and create a successful travel blog, or make their hobby big enough to become their sole venture.

Addicted to: change

I must have bought a hundred different themes over my 10 years blogging on various sites, but I can never settle on how it looks. What I really need to do is spend more time sorting out some of the back end bugs that rear their ugly heads every now and then. Unfortunately, the husband will be sorry to hear I need his help on this one!

Addicted to: comfort

Because we uprooted ourselves from London and (somehow) made it to a new city, I’ve become really reliant on home comforts when I’m feeling a little down. That’s not really ideal for a travel blogger! I’m using it to really focus on great content for This City Life though, working up a schedule and thinking of new ways to connect with other bloggers. If you have an idea on how to collaborate, pop me an email at

It doesn’t matter how many times I take a break, I always come back.
And it’s all for the love of blogging.

for the love of blogging | this city life

Charley is a professional copywriter and tea-lover currently living in Leeds. She writes about city living and city travel (with a few cats thrown in).


  • Anna Parker

    Great post Charley and exciting times with the move. I think the beauty of this hobby is that we can pick up and put down. I agree though – it is hard to keep up with having to go to work long hours, I wish I could spent more time on twitter and instagram interacting and getting to know people rather than programming posts Ax

    • This City Life | Charley

      Thanks Anna! You’re right, it is good that we can put it down and it’s waiting for us when we get back. I guess it’s about finding a routine that works for you for all the interacting and social media – work in progress!

  • Erin

    When I started my blog it was for my impending move to London from Canada, now that I’m back in Canada (a whole year now!) I felt like I had to refocus and re-evaluate my blog. As long as you still love it, you will find a new focus that excites you and interests others.

  • Mrs Ayla's Adventures

    Real life does sometimes get in the way of the blog but that’s something that just can’t be helped. I often worry that I don’t blog enough when I travel but the main thing is that you enjoy travelling or enjoy your life and the blogging will come after. And I know it’s so easy to do but don’t compare yourself to others!! There are so many of us bloggers out there but just write what you want to write about and your passion will shine through :)

  • angloyankophile

    I agree on the comparison demon – it chatters away at the back of my head too! Awful. Hard to silence the noise of that “demon” as you put it, and remember that blogging is for me, not others! I can sometimes get down about that so I know exactly what you mean.