15 Etsy gifts for travel lovers

15 Etsy gifts for travel lovers

Etsy is one of my favourite places on the internet to browse. On my travels through the treasure trove of stuff on such an awesome site, I figured why not post about my favourite travel items up for sale. There’s so much gorgeousness on there. So, here’s my guide to Etsy gifts for travel lovers. Enjoy!


1 // Gold Scratch World Map

gold scratch map | this city life

I love this idea of scratching off the places you’ve been to. How great would it feel to start with a fresh map and just watch those colours appear?

$21.90 USD / £14.43


2 // Chevron Packing Cubes

travel packing cubes | this city life

When you don’t have packing cubes, you kinda think they’re silly. But then when you own packing cubes, you want to tell everyone how brilliant they are. Moral of this story? Treat yourself to some packing cubes!

$22.99 / £15.15


3 // Handmade Leafy Tapas Plates

leaf tapas plates | this city life

When we came back from our city break in Barcelona, the first thing we wanted to do was find and eat tapas! These cute tapas plates would have been perfect for the occasion.

$120 / £79.08


4 // Adventure Awaits iPhone Case

world map iphone case | this city life

The perfect case for travellers – there’s nothing better to instil more wanderlust than carrying a beautiful map around with you wherever you go.

$36 / £23.72


5 // Otterbox Clutch Bag

gifts for travel lovers | this city life

Globetrotters spend so much time lugging backpacks and suitcases around, it’s nice to take a clutch bag along with you for a bit of lighter packing. This clutch carries everything from cards and cash to lip balms. Plus, it’s even big enough to hold the iPhone 6 Plus.

$29 / £19.11


6 // Rose Gold Wave Ring

rose gold wave ring | this city life

If you hold this ring up to your ear, you can hear the ocean! Just kidding, but it’s super pretty so is bound to make you want to run off to the nearest beach in seconds.



7 // Pocket Travel Journal

pocket travel journal | this city life

This mini handmade travel journal is perfect for writing (or drawing) your bucket list in.



8 // Hand Stamped ‘Wander Often’ Necklace

hand stamped necklace | this city life

The maker of this necklace says it’s to ‘remind you of your outdoor adventures’. If you or a friend left their heart in Canada, the bear and pine tree silhouettes will be a perfect reminder.



9 // Turkish Espresso Coffee Set

turkish coffee set | this city life

Turkish coffee is so addictive, and it tastes even better from a proper Turkish coffee set. I love the craftmanship of this one. So shiny!

$25 / £16.47


10 // Temporary Paper Plane Tattoo

paper plane tattoo | this city life

Ahhh, this paper plane tattoo is super cute. And temporary if you’re not sure about a real one.

$3.99 / £2.63


11 // Anchor Print Roll-Up Cable Tidy

travel cable tidy | this city life

One of the most useful gifts for travel lovers, this cable tidy rolls up to keep all of your cables in one small and tidy place. So many times I’ve dragged my earphones and charger cables out of pockets all tangled up. This pretty much solves that travel problem!

$31 / £20.43


12 // Wide World Travel Embroidery

travel embroidery | this city life

Life is short and the world is wide‘ – never a truer word spoken. I love travel and I bloody love embroidery, so this is the perfect addition to an itchy-footed home.

$18 / £11.86


13 // Destination Piggy Bank

travel jar | this city life

Know someone saving up for the trip of a lifetime? This jar just might kick start some mega cash hoarding. It can even be customised with two location hearts and a dotted line to show exactly what they’re saving for.



14 // Leather Moleskine and Kindle Cover

travel kindle cover | this city life

Keep your notebook, Kindle, postcards and pens all in one place. It’s got all the pockets you need to keep a travel diary and keepsakes too.



15 // Comfy Bamboo Leggings

bamboo leggings | this city life

Being comfortable on a flight is my top priority when it comes to travelling, and bamboo leggings are the epitome of comfiness! Perfect for long haul journeys, you can pop these on when you start to feel sleepy and it almost feels like you’re in your own bed. Almost.

$40.28 / £25.87

What do you think of my gifts for travel lovers? Got any tips of your own? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. 23rd July 2015 / 5:38 pm

    Hey Charley,

    Thanks for including my artwork cell phone case. Great collection, I love it and want it all!! :)