Honeymoon ideas – where are our top destinations?

Honeymoon ideas – where are our top destinations?

Choosing a honeymoon destination is proving more difficult for us than picking flowers and the menu. Finding my wedding dress was easier than deciding honeymoon ideas after the big day.

For some, a honeymoon isn’t a necessity. But since we love travelling and can’t wait to organise our next trip, our honeymoon is a decision we don’t want to take lightly! And, because so many people have pitched in with what they think an ideal honeymoon is, we’re not really sure what we’re after anymore.

Before we spent two amazing weeks on the island of Aruba, we weren’t ‘beachy’ people. It’s always been about cities – which is the reason why I started this blog. Cities are where I feel most comfortable, most adventurous. But after the last minute rush and stress of planning a wedding, will we want to traipse the landmarks of a new city? Or will be want to lie in the sun sipping cocktails and napping? Both. Gah!

We also thought of merging the two – enjoying a bit of ‘us time’ in a hot climate, but also doing something instead of feeling lazy for two weeks, which is what we found difficult on Aruba.

So, our honeymoon ideas so far…

Honeymoon idea #1 – Volunteering in Sri Lanka

I’m yet to go to Asia, and Sri Lanka sounds like the perfect place for honeymooners. There are lovely private and kid-free hotels, gorgeous beaches, and activities to keep us busy too. It’s also a great place to do something nice and offer your time to great causes. Kosgoda Turtle Sanctuary looks like a great experience, helping care for them and conserving the beach.

Honeymoon idea #2 – An Aussie and Kiwi adventure

This one is the least likely to happen since my other half has ‘been there, done that’ with most of Australia and New Zealand. He’d probably get a bit bored doing it all again, but as I’ve never been that far away I’d love to see both countries in a two-week packed schedule.

Honeymoon idea #3 – An all-American road trip

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The popularity of road trip honeymoons is growing. We enjoyed our Trek America experience so much, we’re tempted to plan ourselves a US itinerary of a lifetime. There are so many states left to see, and a road trip is the perfect place to visit them. Hell, I might even be brave enough to drive!

Honeymoon idea #4 – Oh Canada

Obsessed with this country since I was 16 but yet to set foot within its borders, Canada is a high contender. Seeing Canada by train is something new to do for us, as we usually rely on buses and planes to get around – or tend to stay in one place. One thing’s for sure, Toronto would be the first stop.

Honeymoon idea #5 – Exploring Iceland

Northern Lights. Blue lagoons. Volcanoes. Husky rides. A night in an ice hotel. It all sounds so romantic, and so us. We’d have to be careful with the budget in such an expensive place, but it’d definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Honeymoon idea #6 – Relaxing in Jamaica

It’s THE beach holiday. We loved the Caribbean so much, we’re really wondering if a long beach break will be the perfect antidote to all of the wedding stress. The traditional honeymoon means you must be relaxed and enjoy your first few months together. Who are we to say no to that?!

Did you go anywhere exciting on honeymoon? Do you have a great honeymoon planned? Tell me all about it!

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