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Hotel review: The Bucuti Aruba

I’ve raved about the Bucuti Aruba so many times on this blog because it really is the best hotel I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in. And I’d go back in a heartbeat. In fact, if I had to pay to live anywhere in the world I’d pick this place before you even finished asking, “If you had to pay to live anywh…”. Anyway…

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts is the place to stay in if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on the happiest island in the world. And here’s why.

the bucuti aruba | this city life

You won’t find friendlier staff anywhere else

It’s truly a home from home. The people are so welcoming they feel like family, and they do everything to make sure you’re having a great time. The Bucuti Aruba was our first taste of luxury and lounging about, and we couldn’t have picked a better place to enjoy doing so. When we usually check into hotels, we ask for extra towels and complain about stray hairs in the bedsheets. At Bucuti Aruba, we sipped on complimentary champagne and chatted to the beach bar staff about our plans.

balashi beer aruba | this city life
Tasting the local beer, Balashi, at the beach restaurant.

It’s practically on the beach

How great is it when you open the curtains at your hotel and you can see the beach from your balcony? Pretty awesome. The Bucuti Aruba resort is so close to the beach, you’re walking on sand within 10 steps from the back door. No lengthy walk across a car park and busy roads in 35 degree heat, no shuttle bus that only leaves at 8.30am – just a couple of palm trees and a pretty lawn stand in your way.

bucuti aruba | this city life

They really take care of their beach too – I mean really care for it. Staff get together a few times a year for a beach clean up day, tidying any mess and dangers to wildlife. The resort even has an ozone pool – which means if any local animals find themselves landing in the water, they won’t be harmed by chemicals. Manchebo Beach, where Bucuti Aruba is based, is also a spot where turtles lay their eggs, and the staff make every effort to make sure they’re safe and protected. Plus, as the island doesn’t yet have the facilities to recycle plastic, the only unrecyclable things at the resort are the drinking straws at the beach bar – how amazing is that!

Their customer service is the best I’ve experienced

Feeling at home is a fine feeling to have, and knowing you’re staying in an eco-friendly resort lifts the guilt of the massive carbon footprint you’ve left by getting there. So to have excellent customer service too means you spend your week there wanting to hug every staff member you see. There’s no-one without a smile at Bucuti Aruba – from the cleaners and porters to bar staff and receptionists. Even the friendly parrot in the restaurant had something nice to say!

bucuti aruba | this city life

I’ll admit it felt a bit weird lying on my sun lounger, waiting for someone to see the little red flag stuck in the sand and come take my order. We felt so lazy and guilty for making the staff trudge through the sand, so we only used the flag once and had the excuse of ‘stretching our legs’ to order at the bar instead. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone, which was nice for a couple of Brits who say sorry at every request!

When we first arrived, they asked us if we were celebrating anything special. Coincidentally, it was our 5th anniversary, so we told them the date and thought nothing of it. The 8th of May came around far too quickly and we came back to our room after a morning wander along the beach to a bag of goodies on the table! The staff had left a little ‘Happy Anniversary!’ note on the door and left us a bottle of bubbly, some cheese, crackers and chocolates. How’s that for making your guests feel special?

bucuti aruba | this city life

Book yourself a room at the Bucuti Aruba

Do it. Do it now before you change your mind. We really didn’t want to leave such an amazing resort, but we had these job things we had to go back to. I know, what a drag. I could quite happily retire to Bucuti and spend my days writing novels on the beach.

bucuti aruba | this city life

Head over to the Bucuti Aruba website and watch their live webcam, so you can see for yourself how beautiful the beach is. Actually, don’t go there. You’re not allowed to go there. It’s mine.

* I received a free stay at the Bucuti Aruba after winning a holiday competition. However, this is personal review.

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