Gaudí’s masterpiece – La Sagrada Familia

It took us a while to get to Barcelona, choosing instead to go to Lisbon and on a US road trip first. But when we did eventually make it to Spain, we were so glad we did. One thing that stood out for me in Barcelona was the Sagrada Familia. People told us that it was unmissable and that we couldn’t leave Barcelona without seeing it, but I was unprepared for how incredible it really was.

Sagrada Familia | Blonde in the City

Sagrada Familia | this city life

We joined the queue on a boiling hot 32º day and waited for an hour before finally reaching the entrance. I always like to get audio guides wherever I can because they help you slow down and prevent you from rushing ahead and missing things. They also mean you don’t spend only half an hour in somewhere you’ve queued longer to get into!

I’d avoided anything about the Sagrada Familia so I could see it with fresh eyes. That meant the first thing I said when I stepped inside was “Holy shit”. Oops. Probably not the best thing to utter in a church. But, that’s the kind of reaction you have. Pictures don’t do it justice, but the grandeur of the thing is breathtaking. The lights from the glass windows as you walk in, the clean stone of the columns and that calming hush of people whispering and shuffling across the floor. It’s huge, and there’s so much to look at. The windows, the spires, the façades, the nave. Everything is so intricate, and everything has a story behind it.

Sagrada Familia | Blonde in the City

You have to take the time to take everything in. Don’t worry about your memory card – snap everything, because when you look back at photos you’ll have forgotten that piece of design or brickwork.

Sagrada Familia | Blonde in the City

The Sagrada Familia was a real highlight of our trip to Barcelona and was well worth the ticket price. Book your tickets online before your visit so you don’t have to wait in the long queue – and book your tower times so you can pace yourself around the church.

Buy your tickets for La Sagrada Familia online.

Have you been to the Sagrada Familia? Tell me what you thought!

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