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I left my heart at the Natural History Museum – travel linkup

This month’s travel linkup is all about the place (or places) that you can’t get out of your head. We had an amazing honeymoon in Sri Lanka, an unforgettable Trek America road trip and so many city breaks I’ve lost count. But there’s one place in the world I wish I could be every day – the Natural History Museum in London.

I used to be a member when we lived in London, and it was a really sad day when I decided not to renew because we were leaving the city. Maybe once we’re a bit more settled in Leeds I’ll be able to afford to support the museum without visiting so many times.

Amazing architecture

The building itself is just beautiful. Every time I visit I notice something new about the building – from delicate etchings in the brick and hidden statues, to mosaic floors. Every time we walked out of the tube exit and saw those Romanesque arches, a little butterfly of excitement rose in my tummy. Then I could flash my membership card and skip those half term queues!

When the right light is beaming inside, the building looks like a total fairytale. I used to like standing on the balcony in Hintze Hall, looking over at the stream of families walking past Dippy and feeling so happy at the kids’ faces when they realised how amazing this place really is.

natural history museum | this city life

natural history museum | this city life

Dino Snores for adults

One of my favourite ever memories of this wonderful place is waking up at 6am to the gentle sounds of…Velociraptor shrieks. Yep. We were lucky enough to score tickets for Dino Snores a couple of years ago, so spent the night in sleeping bags beside the Dinosaurs gallery. Spaces around Dippy had filled up before we arrived, so we settled around the corner for a bit (and I mean a bit!) of peace and quiet.

It was an unforgettable experience, roaming the halls and galleries in almost darkness and experiencing how peaceful the museum is at night. There was even a harpist playing lullabies before we slept. I really wish I could bed down underneath Dippy’s tail every night.

Read more about Dino Snores for adults at the Natural History Museum.

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An almost wedding shoot

We loved this place so much, I asked the powers that be if we could have some wedding shots in the Treasures Gallery. I thought it would be amazing to have some casual photos of us spending a part of our wedding day in our favourite place, but it ended up being far too expensive for a license to shoot there – even for a personal collection of photos.

I was so tempted to just turn up on the day in our wedding gear and go for it, but the fact it was half term and marathon day put me off! One day we’ll go back, dress up and just go for it.

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