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Little burritas at Benito’s Hat, Kings Cross

Last week was a definite foodie week. I had my first taste of churros, then I just couldn’t help but grab burritas at Benito’s Hat while waiting for a train at Kings Cross at the weekend.

A couple of years ago I had my first taste of Benito’s Hat after winning a meal at their Goodge Street branch and I’ve been addicted ever since. During my time as head copywriter at Wahanda, I must have chowed down on a couple of burritos a month – and I was there nearly 3 years! When they opened just around the corner from the office that was it, burritos were constantly on the menu. Then I moved to work on the Edgware Road and missed them terribly. So when I made a fleeting visit to Kings Cross on Friday night to catch a train back up to the shire, I had to pop into the new branch for dinner.

burritas - a new look for Kings Cross Station

burritas - queues
All these people should be queuing up at Benito's Hat...

Now, I’m a small person with a relatively tiny appetite. So with my usual burritos there’d be about a third left. At the Kings Cross branch I spotted a new item on the menu – the ‘Burrita’. Burrito’s little sister, burritas are still the same filling and delicious rice but about a third of the size smaller. Perfect for a Charley-sized Mexican treat!

burritas - Benito's Hat
Little burrita at Benito's Hat

Each visit is the same for me – vegetables with rice and black beans. And the taste never changes; it’s always delicious. I’m really happy to see the burrita on the menu for those days where a full burrito just feels like too much, and that it’s the same delicious filling choices as normal. If you’re ever stuck in Kings Cross with time to spare for dinner, then definitely stop off at Benito’s Hat. You won’t regret it at all.

C xx

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