My Person of the Year 2018

My Person of the Year 2018

This year has had a lot of…ups and downs…shall we say? For some it’s been alright, and for many it’s been a shitter. But through the darkness, there are people who’ve been sharing light in the hope that it’ll reach those at their time of need. One of those people is Jeffrey Marsh, someone who I’ve decided is my Person of the Year 2018.

I first discovered Jeffrey back when Vine was still alive and took over all my spare time. Between all the memes and salty posts about ‘those’ popular Viners, Jeffrey shone out like a literal ray of sunshine.

In 2015/2016, my feminism became way more intersectional. I was recommended women of colour to follow on Twitter, learnt more about gender fluidity and trans and non-binary people, and just generally opened my eyes and ears to other people’s experiences.

So even though Jeffrey’s Vine content wasn’t aimed at me (I’m white, cis and generally not treated like an ‘other’ because of who I am) I still learnt a whole heap of empathy and understanding from the way they spoke. Here’s a compilation of the kind of Vines from Jeffrey that I loved so much.

I can only begin to imagine how many people Jeffrey has helped with messages of encouragement, self-acceptance and positivity. Each short Vine (and now Instagram videos and Stories) was like a warm hug!

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Don't waste a day not being you! 💛💛💛

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Their outlook on life is truly inspiring. It takes so much self-love and acceptance and comfort in who you are to radiate such positivity and love for other people. I’m sure during such a turbulent year for so many, their words have lifted people and kept them going. That’s the complete opposite to what our nations’ powers have been doing for a long, long time.

Among the horrors of the Trump presidency, Brexit, the Tory grip on our public services and welfare, terrorist attacks, attacks on trans people (physical as well as online) – Jeffrey’s been there spreading love, light, positivity, and simply being their fabulous self.

I’d really encourage you to watch Jeffrey’s TED Talk from 2017. It’s inspiring and very informative if you’re still learning about non-binary and gender fluidity.

Thank you Jeffrey for being such an inspiring, love-filled, anti-bully influence on the world.

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