Our Berlin mini moon – history, photography and bratwurst

Our Berlin mini moon – history, photography and bratwurst

We finally did it. We got married! And it was wonderful. People tell you how exciting the day will be and that it’ll go past in a blur, but you don’t realise they actually mean it! We were so tired and stressed with planning the whole thing that we decided a holiday had to be in order. So off we went for four days, to celebrate our new status with a Berlin mini moon. Here’s what we got up to…

Finally being frivolous with room service

We checked ourselves into a 5* hotel and spent the whole four days making decisions by shrugging and exclaiming ‘Screw it, we’re on honeymoon!’ Still completely shattered from the weekend’s excitement (and copious Prosecco), we ordered room service on the first night and sat eating pasta and toasted sandwiches while watching BBC World News. Bliss!

berlin mini moon | this city life

We did go out to eat a few times though, and S managed to get a taste of a traditional bratwurst with potato salad. Herbivore me had to settle for a jacket potato drowned in a herby sour cream, which was nice, but that’s what you get for not eating meat.

berlin bratwurst | this city life

One long history walk

Our hotel was bang in the middle of Mitte, right next to Friedrichstraße station, so walking to all the major tourist spots was a breeze. We ended up only using the s-bahn once on the way back from the East Gallery, not realising how long a walk it was when we set off to go there! I used the Lonely Planet pocket Berlin [affiliate link] book to plan a walk around the major tourist spots and across the city to photograph bustling Alexanderplatz.

berlin parliament | this city life

Starting at the Brandenburg Gate, we walked through the bottom end of the Tiergarten to the Reichstag and back along the street to the Holocaust Memorial. A quick trip to Potsdamer Platz was followed by a stroll along Niederkirchnerstraße towards Checkpoint Charlie, passing the Topography of Terror and the longest part left of the outer Berlin wall. Then it was back up to Unter Den Linden, through the Gendarmenmarkt, across Museum Island and to Alexanderplatz’s infamous TV Tower. Phew!

brandenburg gate | this city life

berlin einstein quote | this city life

The big tourist spots

We were so close to everything, it would have been stupid to miss out on some of the biggest attractions on our Berlin mini moon. We set out to photograph the Brandenburg Gate, the dome at the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, and the East Gallery. In the end, we had to queue three hours to get tickets for the Reichstag dome, because we waited too long to reserve passes via the website. If there’s one thing I’d advise anyone visiting to do, it’s reserve places at least a month before you want to go! I checked the date two months before we left and reservations were still open, but I figured it was way too early to do anything. Error!

berlin in pictures | this city life

berlin wall kiss | this city life

black and white berlin | this city life

Hogging the photo booths

I thought there would be massive queues for the random analogue photo booths scattered across the city, but it looked like hardly anyone was using them. Granted we only managed to find two, but we made sure we used them well! Each photo is an original because there’s no negative, which makes them extra special. And since it was our mini moon, we wanted some special keepsakes.

berlin photoautomat | this city life

berlin in pictures | this city life

berlin mini moon | this city life

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  1. Dav J
    24th April 2014 / 2:34 pm

    Not managed to get to berlin yet – I like the warmth! Clearly time to explore the northern european cities.

    • 24th April 2014 / 9:43 pm

      I feel the same, Dav. Much prefer warmer climes when it comes to holidays! But yes, there are some absolutely beautiful places in Europe and so many cities to see.

  2. Tim
    4th May 2014 / 10:23 pm

    Berlin is probably the best city we’ve ever been to. It’s not if we go back but when. There is too much for just one weekend. Glad you had a great time too :)