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5 real life castles fit for a princess

Because I am a beautiful princess who is very rich, wonderful and successful (Yes I am. Yes. I am. I am. I am) then I therefore deserve my very own real life castles. It’s only right. I shall have a whole wing dedicated to my shoe collection, an office with a huge library and amazing views, oh and staff made from household objects like clocks and mops and teapots…oh, wait? That’s Belle…

Who am I kidding – when am I ever going to live in my own castle? A girl can dream though, and right now I’m having a good old daydream about living in these spectacular real life castles, fit for beautiful and wealthy princesses like me.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

neuschwanstein castle | real life castles

Just look at it – it’s like something out of a dream, right? It looks so Disney-like with the blue tiles and surrounding forest. I can totally imagine myself in a flowing pink dress, floating about the courtyard singing to the birds and squirrels. There must be a thousand rooms, it’s right in front of a spectacular backdrop of snowy mountains. It’s even got turrets!


And this is what it looks like surrounded by fog. Magical.

neuschwanstein castle

Catherine Palace, Russia

catherine palace

So. Much. Gold. I don’t know what it is about gold and snow, they just seem to go together so well. This place would be perfect as a winter haven, skating on the pond and hosting a grand ball with hundreds of ice sculptures. Hang on, Frozen is making perfect sense to me now…

The Castle Hotel, Dalian, China

Dalian castle

Ok this one is kind of a cheat because it’s built to BE a castle but whatever, it counts (already getting way into my spoilt princess talk). It looks a bit like a model castle, like something you’d find on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyland. But it doesn’t matter because have you SEEN the lobby?!

Dalian lobby

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Château de Chambord, France

Chambord Castle

French castles are just so beautiful, pristine and…reflective. I’d imagine living here would bring lots of brie, pastries, breads, crepes and cake. All the interiors would be baby pink and I’d wear feathers in my hair and pastel striped dresses. I’d be so round from all the brie, they’d have to roll me out into the courtyard to welcome my guests. sigh Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

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Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

Alcazar Castle

Apparently this place is supposed to look like the bow of a ship, but I don’t see it. It’s still an AWESOME FORT however. It looks a bit Draculary (if that’s even a word) all sat on top of a mountain. But also the perfect place to let down my extremely long princess-like hair*.

* I lie, I only wish I had hair like Elsa from Frozen. Sigh.

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  • Hannah

    The Chateau de Chambord has my vote! So beautiful. I love how these castles are all so different, and very different still from the examples we have in the UK. If you get a minute, check out our round up of charming English castles: I’m not sure they can compete with some of these beauties though!