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Seven at Brixton – Cocktails, Churros and Google Places

Another day, another post about cocktails…by a tee-totaller. This time I went along to Google Places’ #ThirstyThursday event at Seven at Brixton for a happy hour of cocktails on them and a nice chat with Googly community coordinator Alex.

seven at brixton
photo courtesy of Seven at Brixton

Seven looks like it’s been lifted straight from Shoreditch and placed inside Brixton market, so it’s definitely one of those gems you find in the most random of places. It’s also quite like a pop-up cocktail bar, because it’s in that random and vibrant type of market environment. Inside is like an intricate cave, having to duck up the stairs because of low ceilings, and with hand-drawn graffiti all over the walls.

seven at brixton - interior

seven at brixton - art

Google had hired a room upstairs for everyone to pop in, grab a cocktail on them, and socialise. Since I’m a non-drinker, I asked the lovely Seven servers if they’d make a mock-mojito and they happily agreed. I’d had proper mojitos before, so I knew what they were supposed to taste like, but this one was a mojito with an extra kick! Instead of fresh mint, Seven add delicious ginger to their mojito recipe – lovely. They had plenty of cocktails on the menu and will even make drinks for you that aren’t on there! So if you’ve heard of some special tipple on your travels and miss it a little bit, Seven are happy to whisk one up for you if they have the ingredients.

seven at brixton - google places

seven at brixton - event

Another thing that was spectacularly awesome about #ThirstyThursday was my first taste of churros! I’d seen and heard about them before, but never really went out looking for them. So when I saw them on the Seven snacks menu, I took the plunge and ordered a plate to see what the fuss was really about. This might have been the best decision I made all week! Not a huge lover of cinnamon, I was a little worried at the strength of the sugar, but these were just perfect. The chocolate dip was literally steaming too, so I made the most of that with each bite. They’re one of those snacks that you try for the first time and then end up eating constantly for a month, they’re that delicious. Looks like I’ll have to take a trip to Latin America to taste the real thing!

seven at brixton - churros

Now, all of this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Google Places, so I definitely have them to thank for my new foodie obsession! Head over to the Places page, sign in with your Google account (if you’re crazy enough to not have one, sign up here) and start rating and reviewing your favourite, or least favourite, places you’ve visited. I’m going over to Seven at Brixon’s page right now to make a fuss over their mocktails…

* This post was made possibly by the lovely people at Google Places.

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