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Sites I love to browse when it’s miserable weather outside

Even though I feel a lot better in myself when the sun is shining outside, there’s something about miserable weather that makes me absolutely revel in curling up on the sofa with something to read. I love hearing the rain outside (even better with a thunderstorm) and making myself all cosy indoors.

People keep banging on about ‘hygge’ and I suppose this is exactly what hygge means to me – chilling out with a huge mug of tea and Spotify on in the background while I browse the internet. It helps if I’m swaddled in a chunky blanket too. And with the weather being a little bit shit this bank holiday, I figured I’d share some of my favourite websites to browse when it’s a bloody miserable day outside.


If you didn’t know already, Reductress is satire and has me rolling about on the sofa laughing every time I read it. It’s American, so some of the topics are a little different (or I don’t quite get them), but for the most part it’s hilarious. It’s written by some fucking hilarious feminists too.

Start with classics such as: Roast a chicken to make him park his dick for life, Date ideas that are almost as exciting as a dress with pockets, Gatsby-themed wedding ideas that say ‘I didn’t read the book’, and Minimalist friend borrowing your stuff again.


I love Pinterest for all sorts of things, but my absolute favourite is browsing the search results for ‘tattoos’. I have a secret board with so much inspiration on there I don’t think I own enough skin to ink them all. It’s not just about specific pieces though. Pinterest is also a great place to discover new (and local) artists. If you search, for example, ‘handpoke tattoo London’, you can find loads of lovely examples of handpoke art in that city (all thanks to the hashtagging).

If you want to see some of the tattoo inspiration on my public board, you can follow Tatt’s Gorgeous right here.

Pinterest board Tatt's gorgeous

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If you subscribe to my newsletter, those who wander, you’ll know that I share a fair few Medium posts in there. I’m a big fan of free writing platforms where everyone has an unedited voice and are free to write without the constraints of a ‘brand’ or set guidelines (obviously hate speech aside). Now, I’m not convinced about the recent move to a paid-for membership on the site, so I won’t be joining. But I still browse the free content and find some lovely pieces of writing on there.

I really recommend signing up for a free account if you don’t have one already! Have a look at some of my favourite articles too: a dress, a decade ago by Miel, I have wasted years thinking I’m not good enough by Jon Westenberg, Being ok in the grey by Amanda Rosenberg, Lena Dunham is a Fuckboy by Mara Jacqueline Willaford, A story of a Fuck Off Fund by Paulette Perhach.


I’m a little biased about this one as I was an Unsorry mag writer before it sadly ended in April this year. But, the site is still live and there are still so many amazing pieces of writing on there. It was a place where we could share our stories and not be ‘sorry’ about our experiences. We weren’t sorry for writing about periods or sex or feminism or contraception or bad friendships or men or mental health. We were writing hot takes before I even knew they were called that!

Here are some of my favourite posts from over the years:

How far have we actually come?
What nearly losing my mother taught me about life
Is being sentimental holding you back?
If we all did what Kirstie Allsop said, we’d be screwed
Overcoming the changing room phobia
11 things I’d tell 11-year-old me
How my best friend and a festival saved my life


This one’s a little bit obvious because who doesn’t spend their time on YouTube?! I became a little bit obsessed with it last year after I discovered vloggers like Casey Neistat and Helen Anderson. Now I catch up with their vlogs maybe twice a week? But, from super useful how-tos and reviews of products to shopping hauls and scientific documentaries, there’s always something to get drawn into. The people I always always always watch though are Jenna Marbles, Julien Solomita, Safiya Nygaard, Black Friday, The Slo Mo Guys, Patricia Bright and Fly With Stella.

Charley is a professional copywriter and tea-lover currently living in Leeds. She writes about city living and city travel (with a few cats thrown in).