Suite of the week: Grand Staircase Suite at St. Pancras Renaissance

Since one of my favourite things about travel is checking into an undiscovered (by me) hotel, I thought a new feature on Blonde in the City would be a great way for me to write about the amazing hotel rooms I find. Some of them will be absolutely bonkers, some will be the sort only Lottery winners could afford, and some will be the cutest and most affordable places on Earth. So here’s the first instalment of Suite Of The Week, featuring the gorgeous St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in Kings Cross, London.

My favourite suite at St. Pancras Renaissance is the Grand Staircase Suite, which is a split-level, 73-square-metre room with a stunning marble en-suite bathroom and wrought iron staircase.

suite of the week - bedroom

Suite of the week décor

Each Grand Staircase Suite is in the original hotel and features period details like high ceilings, mouldings and massive windows. I love that the rooms have managed to keep their Victorian heritage but not look overly dated too. I immediately think: fresh, stylish and relaxing. Some restored hotels try too hard to make the experience ‘authentic’ and end up creating an old-fashioned, cluttered mess. St. Pancras Renaissance has managed to move with the times yet still give you a glimpse of the old hotel’s character.

suite of the week - lounge

Suite of the week luxury

When I say ‘300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets’, you say ‘oh god I’m about to have a sheetgasm’…right? I thought so. Add a huge bed, free Wi-Fi, personal butler service, two 37″ flat-screen TVs, and £125 voucher to spend in the spa into the mix and you’ve got yourself a luxury experience in the Grand Staircase Suite. If that wasn’t enough, guests also get access to the exclusive Chambers Club for breakfast, light snacks and drinks. One of my favourite things to do is pretend to be someone special (I know mum, I’ll always be special to you…), so swanning around in the Chambers Club sounds like a great way to spend a morning. I want to know more about this personal butler service though. Will a personal butler go the extra mile … and smuggle in a Burger King through the window for you?

suite of the week - bathroom

Suite of the week prices

A weekend (2 nights) in the Grand Staircase Suite at St. Pancras Renaissance will break your bank for around £900 per night. Those like me earning a measly writer’s wage are probably also thinking that sticking their head through that wrought iron staircase is a good idea right about now. I’d better pop this suite onto the list of hotels I’ll stay in when I’m Queen Of Everything. That’s one hell of a list, I’ll tell you now…

suite of the week - under stairs

All images via the St. Pancras Renaissance website

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