Las Vegas travel tips – 24 hours in Las Vegas

Las Vegas travel tips – 24 hours in Las Vegas

As a midway point in our Trek America adventure, Las Vegas was the next stop after a day at the Grand Canyon and a surprise proposal, so partying was always going to be first on the to-do list! If you’re going to Las Vegas you’re most likely going to enjoy the many clubs, thrilling casinos and hangover-relieving poolside relaxing. If you’re me, you don’t drink and don’t much enjoy being around hundreds of drunk partygoers. For just 24 hours though, I hung up my attitude and enjoyed a bit of sin in the city without a Las Vegas travel guide. Here are my Las Vegas travel tips for walking on the wild side with just 24 hours in Sin City.

las vegas travel tips | this city life

Explore hotels without needing to be a guest

Unlike the snobbery of many city hotels (London & New York to name and shame), you’re free to walk around and enjoy the entertainment in all of Las Vegas’ hotels. Loiter too long in a London hotel and you’ll be politely (but suspiciously) asked what you’re doing there. Loiter in a Las Vegas hotel and you’ll soon have a new best friend telling you where all the free drinks are. Everything is open, so you’re allowed to explore all the art and decor while placing a few bets at the casinos, and you’re even allowed to rock up to the pools and enjoy a morning of sun-lounging. When they say this place is guilt-free, they really mean it. Check out my top 3 hotels in Las Vegas and you’ll be set for an easy hotel experience.

More shows than you can shake a glowstick at

Las Vegas is all about enjoying yourself and seeing some of the world-class shows that have settled there. Wherever you walk in the city, entertainment is only a moment away.

See a free show – There are so many free things to see around the city. From the famous fountain displays at The Bellagio to Treasure Island‘s Sirens of TI pirate ship show, simply standing outside a hotel in the evening generates something fun to watch. The Freemont Street Experience is also a must-do Vegas activity. Every evening the street turns into a crazy rock ‘n roll concert and you can even zipwire along the canopy if you’re looking for something utterly bonkers to do.

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las vegas travel tips | this city life

Pay to watch a theatre show – While you’re there, you might as well splash out for one of the pretty incredible shows at any of the hotel theatres. Since we’d just got engaged, we decided to treat ourselves to Cirque De Soleil’s KÀ at the MGM Grand, and absolutely loved it. Wait in line at a ticket booth along the strip and you can pick from a whole list of shows available for the night, with some offering special deals. You might even be able to persuade for more discount if you mention you’re celebrating something special!

Be entertained by the strip itself! – You really don’t have to go far to see something happening in Las Vegas. Take a long stroll down and back up the strip and you’ll have seen at least 10 things that were ‘entertaining’. I don’t mean drunken fights or people flashing, I mean actual entertainment. Buskers and street performers can be found making a few dollars outside shops and casinos, and there are plenty of lookalikes to have your photo taken with. Light shows and random street parties pop up all over the place too. Just spend some time looking around and taking photos and you’ll be entertained for hours!

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High rolling in the casinos

As soon as you get to Las Vegas, you can see how people crash and burn out. The whole place is crazy, blinding, adrenaline filled. It’s so easy to get caught up in the gambling, the bright lights and the free drinks. So, you need to set yourself a realistic budget if you’re serious about gambling. We decided to use around $30 on the slots, just to experience a bit of Las Vegas fun and games. That $30 didn’t last long either, damn it.

  • MGM Grand – great for ‘progressive slots’ (cleanse that dirty mind) with much larger jackpots than usual.
  • New York, New York – go crazy on the old style one-armed bandits
  • Caesar’s Palace – play the table games like you’re on your Gameboy™
  • Harrah’s – Poker is King at Harrah’s, where aces are high and so are the stakes

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Remember to eat!

The food in Las Vegas is just as tasty as the promise of winning big in the casinos. Since the free drinks flow like waterfalls for women in the city, make sure you’re equalling the alcohol with as much food.

  • Go for a traditional hot dog inside New York, New York’s casino.
  • Treat someone special to a slap-up meal at the Paris restaurant.
  • Take advantage of the theatre and meal deals at the ticket booths. Sometimes the meals are 50% off.

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