I’m thankful for my mum

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When I travel, I always miss my mum. I send her photos and update Facebook so she knows what we’re up to. And every time I post something I think, “I wish she could see this too!” I’d love to take her away somewhere this year, and here’s why.

She works hard and never gives up

My mum is a teaching assistant, sometimes working with kids who have special needs – like ADHD or Autism. It’s a tough job, especially when the kids are having a bad day. It means my mum has to work doubly hard and be doubly sensitive to their needs. She’s been kicked and scratched before, but her love for making sure her class has the same education as everyone else and leave her school with the best possible result makes me so proud. She’s worked with children who know little to no English too – which must make it really difficult to teach!

She loves to visit me but doesn’t always have the chance

I love it when my mum comes down to London to see me, but she doesn’t always get to do everything. And because she works in a school, the only time she can come down longer than a day is in the school holidays. The last time she stopped over was for her birthday during half term. She was supposed to stay for 4 days but my husband got sick and she had to leave early, which was a real shame! We had loads of stuff planned, so hopefully she’ll be able to get down to London again soon and we can head over to Bruges! She’d love the chocolate shops and no doubt be up for a strawberry beer (or two).

She tells me when I’m taking things to seriously

I’m a worrier – to the point of it triggering some pretty bad anxieties sometimes. But mum is always the first one to tell me when I’m thinking about it too much. I know I just need to call her and she’ll talk it through with me, offer advice when I need it and tell me to shush and get some perspective when I’m letting things control my head! I call her every day and she doesn’t get mad – how patient is that!

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