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These are a few of my favourite things (from 2016)

Well, 2016 was a weird one wasn’t it? By June I’d given up on blogging for a bit and spent the rest of the year busting my ass at my day job. And then by December there had been so much personal turmoil I was ready to just spend the next 12 months snuggled under my duvet. To be completely honest, I’m glad it’s over and we’re onto a fresh year. So to start 2017 with some positivity here’s a round up of my favourite things I wrote in the last 12 months, followed by some of my favourite things other people wrote and shared in 2016.

It’s a long one, so get comfy with a cuppa and dig in…

Favourite things I wrote in 2016:

A night at Gotham Manchester (aka the hotel of my nerd dreams)
We spent the night at a 5* hotel in Manchester and I couldn’t believe how cool it was. Oh my god the Eggs Benedict were delicious.

How to survive a hen do as an introvert
I also write for the fabulous Unsorry Magazine and this article was all about making sure introverts (like me) keep themselves safe and happy during a pretty hectic time – a hen do.

20 things to do if you’re not travelling this year
There was very little global travel for me in 2016, so I figured I’d look on the bright side and think of things to do in my city and local area to make the most of the weekends.

My Greatest Adventure
As part of the monthly travel link-up with other travel bloggers around the world, my favourite post of the year was this one about the best adventure of my life – my marriage.

Exploring a new tarn – Malham Cove
I bloody hate driving. But in the name of getting out there and exploring this beautiful new county we live in, I told my fears to piss off and drove to Malham in a hire car.

Advice from my mum I really should have listened to
Mums really do know best. And mine gave plenty of advice I decided to ignore! So I summed up a few that I really should have taken her up on.

Thoughts a year after leaving London
In 2015, we packed up our belongings (and the cats) and left the bright lights of London for cheaper, quieter, slower Leeds. And in 2016, I finally let all of my feelings out about why and how we did it.

Would you visit a country with a bad human rights record?
YouTuber Louis Cole got in a bit of trouble with fans over his North Korea vlogs, so I pondered whether it was okay or not to contribute to tourism in a countries with bad human rights records.

Why I won’t regret my tattoos when I’m 80
A slightly controversial topic, I fought back on that age old ‘but what will your tattoos look like when you’re 80?’ thing people like to say to those with ink.

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Favourite things others wrote in 2016:

Six ways to make time for reading
The lovely Amy Elizabeth gave six very useful tips on how to make the most of your spare time in order to read more books. She read 100 books in 2015 this way!

A story of a Fuck Off Fund
This one went viral in 2016, and for good reason. Relatable and inspiring, writer Paulette Perhach’s story made us all look at saving money in a new light.

Homesickness and adventure are born to co-exist
A lovely piece by the brilliant Runawaykiwi, who explores how her homesickness and her sense of adventure have worked together since the day she was born.

Fear and Falling
One of my favourite writers, Beverley, wrote very wonderfully about falling, failing and learning to get back up again. Are you ready to let go?

Fuck it
Anything infamous copywriter Dave Trott writes inspires me, and this blog about throwing caution to the wind and just going for it does just that.

Everything you were told is wrong
This short film by professional smiler Jerome Jarre really stopped me in my tracks in 2016 and made me think about my purpose in the world with his very important message.

What it’s like to have ‘high functioning’ anxiety
I’ve written a few posts about dealing with my anxiety, but this post written by someone else on The Mighty really put it into words I couldn’t quite make myself.

The quiet woman and why we’re so harsh on her
If you’re always being called ‘quiet’ as if it’s a bad thing or something that others think is holding you back, show them this powerful piece on The Pool. Quiet people are allowed to be so.

The tragic story of Sheffield’s Park Hill Bridge
I had no idea about the sad story behind the ‘I love you will u marry me’ graffiti in Sheffield. This emotional article gives the whole truth about the meaning and the gentrification that’s since taken advantage of it.

The rise of the twirty-somethings
My friend Judy wrote this brilliant personal piece about a whole generation of thirty-year-olds living like their twenties. She calls them twirty-somethings and it definitely resonates with a lot of people.


Charley is a professional copywriter and tea-lover currently living in Leeds. She writes about city living and city travel (with a few cats thrown in).

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  • Sam Sparrow

    This is such a super collection of blog posts, and thanks for featuring your posts on there too! They were some right good ones. I’m totally going to bookmark your 20 things to do when you are not travelling to keep referring to!

    I’m sorry last year has been a tough one, big hugs and here is to the next 12 months!

    Sam xxx