Gallivant: Top 9 quirky hotels I’d like to sleep in

Gallivant: Top 9 quirky hotels I’d like to sleep in

I can’t help but be inspired by quirky hotels. Whether it’s a treetop hammock or a room made gold on the 115th floor, if it’s something weird and wonderful I definitely want to stay there. As usual, when I have a bit of spare time I end up researching holidays and this time it ended up in a hotel bucket list. So, here are the top 9 hotels I wouldn’t mind leaving the covers unmade in.

1. Hüttenpalast, Berlin.

Quirky hotels - Hüttenpalast

I’d choose a lot of things over camping, but when it’s camping in a caravan inside a building I guess it’s not so bad. It gets better at Hüttenpalast though, as you can choose to sleep in their renovated caravans or cabins and share a living room with other guests. I really like the idea of settling down for the night in a kitsch caravan, knowing it’s going to be warm and that you’ll have a fresh croissant waiting for you in the café in the morning. “It’s noice, it’s different, it’s unewsual”

2. Tower Club at Lebua, Bangkok.

Quirky hotels - Tower Club

Oh hello luxury! It’s that picture of the rooftop restaurant that really got me. How exciting would that be to enjoy a nice dinner and get that amazing view in with the price? Also, that view must have been what prompted the Hangover II producers to pick it as a location. If I’m going to do Bangkok then I’m going to do it in style, and I think the Tower Club looks like a pretty stylish place to stay.

3. The Drake, Toronto.

Quirky hotels - The Drake

Ok, I admit it. I want to sleep with Drake! No, not that Drake – this Drake. Despite calling some of their rooms ‘crash pads’, The Drake has created a buzz in the hotel world. I’d like to stay in their XL Suite, which also comes with an XL price of CAN $319 per night. It has an Italian daybed, charcoal hardwood flooring, custom millwork, and some very interesting art on the walls. Oh, and there’s handmade dolls waiting for you on your pillow.

4. W, Taipei.

Quirky hotels - W Taipei

Let me introduce you to the Extreme WOW Suite, which is the largest suite in Taipei at a space-shifting 365 square metres. I mean look at it…it’s beautiful, yes? The suite is equipped with a wooden swing (not meant for that, you dirty-minded heathens), daybed, 66″ flatscreen TV, crystal sculptures, rainforest shower, walk-in wardrobe, 32″ flatscreen in the bathroom (because nothing says luxury than watching SATC on the bog), and a ciclotte bike. Are you Extreme WOWing right now? I definitely am, sorry about the noise. Someone please lend me the £7,687 to stay the night?

5. Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Quirky hotels - Taronga zoo

This is my ultimate sleepover. Held at Taronga Zoo, the Roar & Snore sleepover “offers a unique opportunity to stay in [their] campsite with views of Sydney Harbour on one side and Lions, Snow Leopards and Meerkats on the other”. Hello dream sleepover, I’m Charley and I’d like to enjoy you! If you live near Regent’s Park in London you might enjoy being woken up by a lion’s roar the summer mornings when they rise early, but to wake up inside a zoo and it not be some horrible consequence of a hard night partying sounds like a pretty awesome experience.

6. Four Seasons, New York.

Quirky hotels - Four Seasons

Once I rented an apartment in New York and was swiftly kicked out on the first morning thanks to the owner skipping rent, so I swore the next time I ended up in the Big Apple I’d book a plush hotel instead. So, I guess when I return I’m just going to have to check myself into the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons…*fact face*. Soaring 800ft above ground level, the suite is the epitome of luxury. You get a 360 degree view of the city and the bathroom is all marble, marble marble. You know it’s expensive if there’s a 90% chance of breaking your leg while in the nude.

7. AnaYela, Marrakech.

Quirky hotels - AnaYela

When I visited Morocco in 2009, I stayed in a riad just outside the city walls and thought it was the prettiest hotel I’d ever stayed in. Marrakech really does have hospitable hotel owners and it looks like Riad AnaYela is no exception. Much like a luxury brand, yet not losing any of its authentic Moroccan homeliness, AnaYela is definitely on my must-stay list. Room 5 is a double room and looks like a guest room in a palace. I can just imagine relaxing with a mint tea after a nice stroll through the souks.

8. V8 Hotel, Stuttgart.

Quirky hotels - V8

The design hotel – often misunderstood. This one however, you can completely understand. It’s about cars, and they do it damn well. Their theme rooms are stunning. My favourite room is the Drive In Cinema, where your bed is a car! It’s so much better than those kids race car beds, but is the same guilty pleasure.

9. The Langham, London.

Quirky hotels - Langham

Welcome to the finest suite in London – The Infinity Suite at The Langham Hotel. Featuring an infinity bath (yep, it’s exactly as it sounds) and gorgeous four-poster bed, this is the kind of suite you stay in if you want to feel like a Princess. Fresh apples on the coffee table that aren’t just there for the pictures, super expensive sheets, and that amazing bath? I’m so playing the Lotto this week. It’s actually so exclusive, you get CCTV and entry controls as part of your package and there’s even a fax machine! Hey, rich people, get with the times won’t you?

There you have it, 9 of the world’s best hotels on my hugely unrealistic bucket list. But hey, what do we have without dreams? Let me know where you’d like to stay in the comments.

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  1. Teeny
    8th June 2014 / 5:27 am

    These look AWESOME! Isn’t there a hotel at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? I wanna stay there. Also the little igloo things you can watch the stars and northern lights from. Oooh and and and those hotels on stilts in Bora Bora. *scuttles off to buy all of the lottery tickets.*

    • Charley
      9th June 2014 / 2:16 pm

      There is! You have to hike all the way down to get to it, and presumably all the way back up to leave it! I remember something about canoeing there too…exciting.