Gallivant: 5 of the world’s most unusual hotels

I just can’t get enough of unusual hotels. If it’s as far away from a Travelodge as Mitchell is from Downing Street now, then I’m happy. Searching for some of the world’s most weird and wonderful places to stay brought up some lovely surprises, including these – my top 5 unusual hotels.

Unusual hotel #1 – Svinøy Lighthouse, Norway

unusual hotels Svinoey Lighthouse Norway
via 62º Nord website

Unfortunately no longer allowed to accept visitors to the island, Svinøy was cool while it lasted. The lighthouse lives on an island that’s 900m long and can only be accessed via helicopter. The weather can be somewhat difficult (I’m talking life-threatening winds here), but that just adds to the experience, no? Ideal for ‘getting away from it all’, the feeling of actually being stranded on a deserted island must be amazing. I bet the sunset/sunrise on that place is incredible too.

Unusual hotel #2 – Magic Mountain, Chile

unusual hotels Magic Mountain Chile
via Huilo Huilo website

In the heart of a nature reserve, the Magic Mountain is a fairytale brought to life. It looks like somewhere that Snow White would live, with her seven dwarves! There’s not a right angle in sight and water spurts from the top like a volcano, plus there are hot tubs made out of tree trunks outside. If that wasn’t enough, you can also find the world’s longest zip line making its way across the area. While it looks like something nature just sprung out of nowhere, the lodge was actually made by people from the surrounding communities, who did an incredible job of making it look as natural as possible. Don’t you love that rope bridge?

Unusual hotel #3 – Hotel de Glace, Quebec

unusual hotels Hotel de Glace
via Hotel de Glace website

The chicest ice hotel I’ve ever seen, Hotel de Glace is once heck of a place to stay. Complete with themed suites and ice bars, there’s even an ice slide for you to have fun on! Each year Hotel de Glace goes through a renovation, getting a new theme and new ice sculptures to show off. If you just want to get a look at the hotel instead of stay the night, you can sign up for one of their daily tours instead. There’s even a night tour to see how amazing everything looks under the lights.

Unusual hotel #4 – Dasparkhotel, Austria

unusual hotels Dasparkhotel Austria
via Dasparkhotel website

That’s right, you too can sleep in a drain! Constructed from repurposed drain pipes, the park hotel is a really interesting way of looking at what you use a hotel for. Some want a hotel to feel like a home away from home, somewhere you can be anyone you want to be, and others prefer to treat a hotel as just a place to sleep. This hotel manages to combine the two in a really great way. Each pipe contains a bed, a lamp, and space under the bed to store suitcases and bags. Art on the walls gives each pipe a special touch too. I never thought a drain pipe could look this cosy, did you?

Unusual hotel #5 – CasAnus, Belgium

unusual hotels CasAnus Belgium
via Verbeke Foundation website

Yep. It’s an arsehole. Do I need to say more?! I probably should. CasAnus is an art installation by Joep Van Lieshout between Antwerp and Ghent. Made mostly from polystyrene, the sculpture has everything you need inside the intestines (I never thought I’d be typing that). There’s even lights, water and electric heating. Does your anus have that? No, didn’t think so…

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