Explore your city with the Vivi in Stile app from Peroni

Explore your city with the Vivi in Stile app from Peroni

Finding something new to investigate in London is one of my favourite things to do. Often I rely on friends telling me where to go and newsletters shouting about what’s new, but this time I used a handy app from Peroni. Since both me and my fiancée work office jobs, we like to make sure we’re getting enough time together by having a couple of date nights a month. Recently we’ve been trying to organise our wedding, so I met the old man in Clerkenwell and used the Vivi in Stile app to find somewhere to eat.

A few suggestions looked close, but they were mostly pre-bookable places. A quick scroll down brought up a bar I’d heard of but not visited before – Giant Robot. It had actually been in the running for our wedding venue at one time!

Giant Robot – a very American dinner and cocktails

Blonde in the City | Vivi in Stile app

A really quirky and diner-style restaurant, Giant Robot turned out to be an awesome recommendation from the Vivi in Stile app. Inspired by the drinks booklet, we ordered a couple of cocktails to start date night with some sauce and then picked from the very ‘American Brasserie’ menu. He went for the beef meatballs with olive oil mash, and I immediately picked out the Arancini – cauliflower cheese balls fried in breadcrumbs. You can order 3 or 5 of the balls but I reckon I could’ve eaten fifty, they were that tasty.

The atmosphere inside Giant Robot is such a buzz. The lights are low, candles flicker at your table, and music rumbles softly in the background as you catch snippets of other people’s conversation. With me sipping on my Pineapple Fix (a mix of Bacardi rum and sweet pineapple juice) and him trying to be dainty with a Cuba Libre (Havana Club rum with lime juice and cola), it was a great night to be planning the biggest party of our lives. We went all out and ordered the Baked Alaska for dessert too, only to be left with eyes bigger than our bellies and a serious case of meringue sweats.

I was so impressed with the Vivi in Stile app, I used it again to book our next date night – cocktails at Nightjar. I scoured the drinks section of the app for something different to try and it immediately popped up. The brilliant in-app review of Nightjar sealed the deal!

Nightjar – Prohibition cocktails and swing music.

Blonde in the City | Vivi in Stile app

This place is so popular it books up fast, so make sure you get in quick with your reservation. We didn’t get to the dinner reservations in time so booked for pre-dinner drinks instead and had the table from 6.30 – 8.30pm, which gave us (me being a slow drinker) the chance to order two cocktails each. I’d known to look out for the little bird on the door so we didn’t get lost and miss our slot, phew. When you arrive you check your name off with the doorman and walk down into the underground speakeasy. I’ll advise you to have a look at the drinks menu on their website before you go, just to see how creative the cocktails are and to pick your favourites. The menu inside the bar doesn’t have pictures. We spent a good 10 minutes trying to pick what we wanted – there is so much choice!

I eventually settled on a Blue Moon as my first drink, which came with a vegetable crisp pegged onto the glass. A mix of gin and vermouth with purple yam marmalade, it was the most delicious cocktail I’ve tried in a long, long time. Next up was a Cole Buttered Rum, which included a 23 year Zacapa rum with chai tea infusion and honey syrup. It even came with a hot coconut butter syrup to pour over the run, which then cooled to make an edible wax. So creative!

Blonde in the City | Vivi in Stile app

My other half decided to brave a Prohibition cocktail, which was so strong it made my eyes water at one taste. Named the 12 Mile Limit, the super-strong concoction included rum, cognac, rye whiskey, grenadine and lemon juice – wow. Without giving Vivi in Stile a go I doubt I’d have found Nightjar, but now I know about it I’d happily drink there every night if I could! Did I mention that the waiters are the prettiest beings on Earth? This fact can only be summed up with a Jennifer Lawrence gif.

The Vivi in Stile app in more detail.

While Vivi in Stile is great for discovering great places to eat and drink in your city, there’s much more to the app. It brings together some of the most stylish and influential tastemakers on the UK and Italian style scenes to tell all on style advice and city guides. The ‘Stile’ section has articles and inspiration on design, fashion, and all things Italian. There’s even an events section, where you can see upcoming interesting events happening in your area. And it’s not just London, which is refreshing for a lifestyle app like this one. Cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Glasgow are covered too.

Blonde in the City | Vivi in Stile appBlonde in the City | Vivi in Stile app Blonde in the City | Vivi in Stile app

Vivi in Stile is free to download on your iPhone.

This post was made possible by Vivi in Stile, but opinions are my own.

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