Your Top 10 travel posts

Your Top 10 travel posts

Every time I log into this little blog of mine, chat to folks on Twitter or get a like on Facebook, I feel so thankful to have lovely readers who keep me posting. I love writing about travel and our city break adventures, and now we have a new city to call home and explore. Expect more posts about all the ace stuff you can find in Leeds really soon.

I thought it was time to reflect on some of the most popular posts on This City Life, so here are the top 10 travel posts – as clicked and shared by you lovely readers!

dino snores top 10 travel posts | this city life

1. Dino Snores at The Natural History Museum

I slept with 200 people at the Natural History Museum – wheeey! You really haven’t lived unless you’ve woken up to the really confusing sound of three Velociraptors’ screeching calls. I half hoped all the exhibitions had come to life in the night – just half. Sleeping over at NHM London really was the experience of a lifetime. My little dinosaur obsessed brain still dreams about it!

2. Harry Potter Studio Tour – Broomsticks, Wands and Butterbeer

This is one of the most searched for posts on the blog. I guess because so many people want to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour! It’s been updated a few times since I wrote this post, which just means I need to go back and re-write my review, right guys? Right?!

3. Top 5 ways to enjoy a cheap and cheerful London

From walking tours and picnics to free comedy and views from the highest heights, I jotted down five of the best ways to enjoy a cheaper London. You really don’t have to spend a fortune, even in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

4. Where to get the best pizza in Rome

This post on the best pizza in Rome is also a hit with search engines. So many people have asked about it on Twitter, and a friend even send this recommendation to their cousin while they were asking for restaurant recommendations. Real Italian pizza in Rome really is indescribable. It’s a wonder how I stopped eating to tell you guys about it.

5. Seven at Brixton – Cocktails, Churros and Google Places

Where do you go for relaxed and not-at-all-wanky cocktails in London? Seven at Brixton of course! In at number 5, it’s my review of those delicious mocktails and Churros on #ThirstyThursday. Seven at Brixton use ginger ale instead of fresh mint in their mojitos. Inspired!

grand canyon top 10 travel posts | this city life

6. A proposal at the Grand Canyon

A post that still makes me smile thinking about it, I recounted the moment my other half proposed to me while the sun set over the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Hey – are you crying?! It’s ok, I am too. Again.

7. 24 hours in Los Angeles

Los Angeles was a funny one for me, and I think you guys want all the tips you can get as it appears frequently in my recently searched list. I wrote down everything you should (and shouldn’t do) when you’ve got just 24 hours to explore LA.

8. Free things to do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the best places to enjoy a holiday on a budget. There are so many free things to do in beautiful Berlin, and you get the same experience of the culture, people and amazing architecture. I love sharing this post on Twitter, so give it some link love if you like it too.

barcelona top 10 travel posts | this city life

9. A long weekend in beautiful Barcelona

Another post that appears a lot in my searched list – a weekend in Barcelona feels so long ago. It’s a trip that inspired my love of patatas bravas and the beautiful Spanish sunshine. Oh, and the Gaudí stuff wasn’t too bad either…

10. How to get to 1 Infinite Loop, Apple HQ

I absolutely love that we went all the way to San Francisco and set aside a whole afternoon to make our way to the mothership – Apple HQ in Sunnyvale. The best part is the journey is still the same! If you made it all the way to 1 Infinite Loop with my help, please email me – I’d love to know if it’s as easy to follow as I think it is.

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