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Your top blog posts from 2018

I haven’t blogged much new content for a while now, and it’s still taking me some time to get back into the swing of things, but I’m pretty comfortable with taking things slow. Part of the problem these days is I’m not sure what to write, and I’m even less sure what you like reading! So I figured a good starting point would be to look at the numbers. Here are the most read blog posts on here from 2018.

1 // A truly lovely afternoon tea at Sketch

This post about afternoon tea at Sketch is the most read post on here, ever. I guess you guys really love afternoon tea! I definitely enjoyed it, even though the alien egg pod toilets were really confusing and I almost trapped myself in one forever.

This was a proper treat, I booked it on a whim when we were planning a trip back to London, and I’m hoping we can go back again soon. The sandwiches were so pretty, all the desserts and scones were delish, and I really want a David Shrigley tea set now. Also, when I grow up I want to be the little cheese and pesto toastie wrapped up in a yellow ribbon.

sketch plate | this city life

2 // Real life castles fit for a princess

I remember researching this post and thinking how many beautiful castles there are all over Europe. I loved Disney princesses when I was little and Belle was my favourite. She spent a lot of the movie exploring the Beast’s castle (and discovering *that* library), so I’m still hoping I can win enough money to buy one! There are 5 beautiful real life castles all over the world in this post.

3 // All the things I hate about being an adult

A lot of the time being an adult kinda sucks. So much responsibility, all your money goes on stuff you don’t want it to, you’ve got to work a lot to even earn that cash in the first place, and then the council expects you to be good at putting out the bins as well! It put together all the things that irritate me about being an adult, and had a bloody good moan about it.

4 // Visiting Santorini on a budget

My lovely friend Lola from Leeds Love Affair shared her brilliant tips for visiting Santorini on a budget, a place that’s usually super expensive. She had some great suggestions on how to enjoy a break there for a quarter of the usual price. I still haven’t been, but when I do go I’ll be taking note of this guest post.

5 // My thoughts after packing up and leaving London

We packed up our life in London in 2015 and moved up to Leeds. It wasn’t the perfect move, and we do still miss some aspects of being Londoners, but the move helped us get on the property ladder *and* Leeds is honestly one of the best cities to live in.

I wrote this a year after we left, and it’s a really honest account of how it felt to make such a big decision and say goodbye to some of the best friends I’ve made in my life. I look back now and actually wonder how we did it. It seemed such a blur!

6 // My Favourite City – Paris, France

I started a series of guest posts called My Favourite City, and and old colleague shared his favourite parts of Paris in this post. He told me his favourite thing about the city, what stuff to do when you’re there, and the best restaurants to visit. I guess out of all the guest posts in this series, you guys loved this one the most!

7 // The local’s guide to Bergamo, Italy

My friend Katherine moved to Bergamo just outside of Milan for a couple of years and me and my friend Faye went to visit her not long after she left. It’s a really lovely town where we experienced the wonder of Italian aperativo for the first time! Honestly, I don’t know why we Brits don’t adopt it. Katherine helped me compile this post on the best things to do, see and eat in Bergamo.

bergamo citta alta | this city life

8 // My beauty and health haul from French pharmacies

We spent our first wedding anniversary on a weekend in Paris, but little did my new husband know I had plans to spend a long afternoon browsing the French pharmacies for my fave beauty and health products. Oh, and Sephora. He hates that word now.

9 // Things I won’t miss about living in London

I’ve also written about all the things I do miss about London, but it seems more people were interested in the reasons why I don’t miss living there! It’s the usual reasons – expensive, nightmare commuting, business beyond belief. London was not great for me as an introvert and socially anxious jelly person, but Leeds has been pretty brilliant for it!

10 // Facing my fears and climbing Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

Our honeymoon was in Sri Lanka, honestly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been on Earth. So many people told us we absolutely had to take a trip to Sigiriya and climb the rock. Now, heights are definitely not my favourite thing and I’ll be honest – I was shitting bricks just thinking about it. But, it wasn’t bad at all! The views were just incredible. We did GoPro our climb up the last bit, but somehow the footage was wiped. FFS technology.

sigiriya rock | this city life

There you have it. The top blog posts on this city life from 2018 as read by you lovely lot (thank you!). I don’t think 2019 and beyond will be as action-packed as these posts might suggest, but thanks for being interested anyway ;)

Charley is a professional copywriter and tea-lover currently living in Leeds. She writes about city living and city travel (with a few cats thrown in).

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